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America's Top 10 Disaster 'Safe Zones'

Aug 16th 2013 9:51PM Yeah and it is hot as Hades. I don't know why anyone would live there.

Churchill Home Shows World War II Leader's Gentler Side

Aug 11th 2013 3:20PM You are correct. The author of the article is trying to make something of nothing. Churchill's wife decorated the house, not him.

Florida Homeowner's 'Naked Hangout Club' Upsets Neighbors

Jul 23rd 2013 4:00PM You are incorrect. This man and his friends would be doing the same if they were heterosexual. They are simply ignorant people.
Homosexuals are no different than us heterosexuals. There are the regular people who follow the rules and then there are those that do not.

N.J. Couple Face Fine for Bird Feeder

Jun 26th 2013 8:36PM Hummingbirds are seasonal. The best bet is a canary or parakeet kept indoors.

HOA Says Woman Must Take Down Church Sign in Front Yard

Jun 23rd 2013 9:28PM She knew when she bought the house that there are rules. So take the sign down. If she wants to help the church, do some volunteer work for them.

Irish Gaelic, Rapa Nui And More Endangered Languages From Around The World

Jun 8th 2013 2:29PM God does not interfere in our live. We have free will. We have different languages because people were isolated and formed their own languages.

Irish Gaelic, Rapa Nui And More Endangered Languages From Around The World

Jun 8th 2013 2:26PM I believe your premise to be incorrect. There are people fluent in many languages. One can speak an old language that is rare and also speak French, English, German etc. I think it would be sad if we all spoke only one language. I love the sound of people speaking other languages even though I do not understand them. It is music. How boring the world would be if we only had one peice of music. So the same with language. I was in line at Disney World and the family in line ahead of me were speaking a language from India. It was lovely to hear. The were having a wonderful time. They were visiting here from India. Lovely people.(I talked a bit with the one that also spoke English)

Inside Marilyn Monroe's Last Home, in Brentwood, California

Jun 5th 2013 7:36PM She was nota "starlet". She was a super star, unlike the Kardasians who are not stars at all, but only infamous/notorious.

$1,600 Utility Bill for Home Leveled During Hurricane Sandy

May 20th 2013 10:51PM Not only no meter to read, but no use of electric or gas because there was no house. How can they charge for something that was not used? I would not pay the bill.

Tenants: Stench of Death Makes St. Louis Complex 'Unlivable'

May 17th 2013 7:36PM Unfortunately, you are correct. No one seems to care about anyone else. They only care about themselves. It is very sad.


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