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'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 2:48PM Sure. Put more people in jail. That's the solution. Lock everyone up in the US. Lock all the poor people up, all the homeless, all the sick so that the rich 1%ers are not inconvenienced. Oh, but they dont want to pay for jails, o I guess the next step will be cullings of these people or perhaps slavery. That is what this country is coming to. Make the poor disenfranchised perform community work. Throw some crumbs at them. This is the solution huh? And they said Stalin and Hitler were evil. LMAO

If only the Christians understood what the Bible said about the evils of money, perhaps this would be a better world to live in. Instead they choose to live like the Muslim and Jewish devils. Money breeds evil. Mitt Romney is evil.

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 2:35PM
Yes. The low lifes are the 1% ers. You are correct, and yes these 1% ers do have an entitlement attitude which needs to be eliminated. The banks got back what they deserve...garbage. This is nothing more than a correction in the market value. The banks overcharged for the properties and are trying to get a higher return than they deserve. Having to put money back in to the property to make it liveable will correct this inequity.

As far as paying for this,well you can be sure it wont be the 1%ers as they dont pay taxes. It will be the common people. Hopefully this will anger then so that they will rise up against the 1%ers or shall they continue to be the sick flock that fuels the 1%ers wealth at their own expense?

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 2:30PM
I agree. It is a sympotom of a very sick society. It is sick how many hardworking people are losing their homes to greedy banks who are unwilling to work out personal situations at any cost. Instead they are willing to sell these homes to Chinese investors who are gobbling are country up piece by piece. It is sick that the wealthiest Americans are so wrought with greed that they are covering their eyes and closing their eyes while all of this is taking place. I agree that we are living in a VERY SICK society where investors have no problems outsourcing American jobs in the name of big profit ( Mitt Romney). Where are all the homeless going to live when they cannot afford even a basic apartment? We are going to see more and more of this destruction in this country if the likes of Romney and Ryan are put in to office. Outsourcing jobs, eliminating health benefits, rising fuel and food prices. No jobs. American is a fast race to destruction and the Super Rich are to blame for it. This is all part of their plan. Their goal is to create a permanent underclass in society. This is a war between the rich and middle class, but people are too busy to pay attnetion to it. Keep up the good work. Destroy the banks assets. Make the foreigners pay to rebuild these homes.

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 2:20PM
Who cares. The banks have raped the American people and why should foreigners ( the ones buying these foreclosed homes) benefit from the hard work of American people who have lost their homes due to illness. loss of jobs, etc..

The banks have demonstrated that they have no sympathy for the plight of Americans, so let the havoc carry on! Good Job. More power to you guys!

Single-Family Rental Houses Draw Millions Impacted by Foreclosure Crisis

Jul 22nd 2012 4:36PM Its a sad day in this country when a hardworking, well educated person cannot find a job because they are over 40 or over 50. The nature of corporations today is one of GREED and absolute GREED to put it more bluntly.

No one wants to buy a house that they cannot afford. But what has happened to the American dream in this country. When I was growing up that dream was to own a home, send your kids to collge and retire nicely.

Today the dream is not too different but it is not attainable for many of the population due to the greed of corporations and the super wealthy.

I am a well educated individual with a masters degree, over 15 years corporate experience, a PREVIOUS property owner but I lost it all when I went in to business on my own.

I still have the business, but I rent an apartment now instead of owning a home. My business makes me a modest income. Due to the economic decline, I am making a 1/4th of what I used to make in this business.

Go back to the workforce you say? Ok after 7 years in my business on my own, and now being 47, there appears to be no one that will touch me. I cant get lower level positions. I cant get higher level positions.

So, what should a person like me do? I am no slouch. I put in 80 hours a week in to my own business. What to do? I keep working and keep hoping.

One day I hope to own a home again, but it wont be my first priority. I am now worried about my retirement. I spent all my savings on this business.

My dream is not to end up on the street, to be healthy, and to live just long enough that I dont burden my family with huge medical bills. Anything else is icing on the cake.

Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 4:43PM Amen to that brother!

Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 4:40PM
Yeah Lucifer is winning...more and more of his "Christians" are gaining more political clout. Look at Romney. Surely one of Lucifer's fallen angels. How else would describe his rise?

Perhaps these rednecks need to abide by the law as any good Christian should do. If you dont like the law change it, dont try to cheat it, or is this something that "Christians" are taught to do by their leader Lucifer?

The New Homeless: Living Behind the Wheel

Nov 24th 2011 2:08AM Public library doofus & yeah, maybe you think they should be pounding on doors for jobs, but after a while it is pointless. When they get rejected day in and day out, what are they supposed to do?

'Mortgage Prof': 5 Reasons Banks Would Rather Foreclose

Oct 19th 2011 8:07PM Sounds like a shill to me. If only it were that easy that one could find a job ( not 1 month, not 2 months, not 3 months...even 1 year after you lose your job). People who own homes are not dirtbags. They dont want to stop paying their bills. If they do, it's because they cant dear! People are generally good ethical people. They see their homes as an investment. Last thing they want to do is lose it. And what is fair for the banks is fair for the homeowner. If a bank can be bailed out, why not a homeowner? What is wrong with that? The banks new the risk they were taking when they bought high risk mortgages. Why is is ok for them to be forgiven. After all, they are the experts, they know more than anyone what the risk was. So, why are Americans so much more forgiving on bank debt but not so on their neighbors? Something is seriously wrong here. Somehow this country has become brainwashed.

It's ok for Trump to go bankrupt over and over, but God forbid your neighbor needs to do so, we look down on them?????

'Mortgage Prof': 5 Reasons Banks Would Rather Foreclose

Oct 19th 2011 7:59PM
Sad that the banks have pitted average americans against one another.

What nerve to call these poor people "deadbeats" and "losers" because they cannot afford to pay their mortgage after losing their jobs or having unexpected medical expenses, etc.

No one calls the banks deadbeats, ie the banks that got bailed out. It appears to be ok to bail out a bank, but God Forbid Mr. Average Joe is bailed out.

What is this? Jealousy? Does it bother people to know that their neighbor got a debt reduction? This really irks people. I guess it's becuause the Corporatists like Cain have brainwashed people in to believing that you only get rich when you work really hard and make sacrifices and claw your way up to the top. Only that it were true.

Everyone who is rich has gotten some break at some point, some handpoint, some advantage that the average common person did not.

We all need to stand up for one another whether you benefit ( at this time or not) as they will come for you or your children at some point. You might be feeling fat and happy now, but believe me they will come. And when they do, God help your soul.


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