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Minute Makeover: Change Up Your Pillowscape

Jul 30th 2011 1:59PM getting new spouse usually works

Idol Worship: J.Lo's Greatest Fashion Hits

Jul 24th 2011 11:26AM j lo on the prowl...battan down your husbands, ladies

Kids Who Read to Dogs are Better Students

Jul 16th 2011 12:23PM in dog we trust:-D

Bristol Palin: Michele Bachmann 'Dresses a Lot Like My Mom'

Jun 29th 2011 10:10AM abstinence makes the heart grow fonder(and in need of fondling;-)

Kim Kardashian X-Ray's Her Behind to Prove It's All Natural

Jun 24th 2011 11:10AM so what if one
has a bionic booty
tis still the exit
ramp where we
do our duty;-D

Mildred Baena on Love Child: 'It Wasn't Arnie's Fault, It Takes Two'

Jun 15th 2011 11:20AM his story, her story...the truth

and the truth it is...sleazy:(

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Threatens to Sue Over Story

May 26th 2011 7:17PM you play, you pay...
this is the american way
if you were not ahnold
baby mama
you would not be
in this drama

Jennifer Aniston's Dog Norman Dies

May 18th 2011 10:25AM a poem i wrote called mist
to those once with us,
who no longer remain,
we feel your loss,
and it causes pain.
but we know you are
in a place of peace,
with others, just like you,
whose troubles have ceased.
your tenure on earth
with us never enough,
yes we go on,
but at times it is rough.

Elephants break out of Tsavo West National Park, locals go into hiding

May 6th 2011 2:46PM elephant packed their trunks and
were out of there
wandering free, without a care
as things once were
before humans overpopulated
so now to zoos and
they are sadly relegated


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