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Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Lists Miami Home for $38 Million

Aug 13th 2012 9:03PM Is it my imagination, or does this house resemble a high-tech office building?

Helen Mirren Shows Skin for Esquire

Jul 14th 2011 3:35PM I'd love to see what the people who are calling her an "old bag" will look like when they're her age! I'm not too fond of the flag; I think it's disrespectful for anyone to wear their country's flag. But Helen has always been edgy and free-spirited, so I can give her a pass. Meanwhile, I have seen photos of her in a bikini (it was NOT a teeny, overly revealing one, by the way) and she looks AWESOME! You rock, Helen!

Here Comes the Bride | Winning Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Announced [Photos]

Jul 8th 2011 6:21PM Considering that most marriages wind up in the toilet these days, the idea of disposable wedding dresses made from this material is most practical, and symbolic!
P.S. - I also like the third one best.

Rachel Bilson Rocks a Teeny Bikini, Hangs with Hayden Christensen on Barbados (Photo) (Video)

Apr 25th 2011 9:22PM Is it my imagination, or were the camera angles unflattering? You could see every speck of cellulite on most of these women. The only one who looked impressive was Kate Middleton. My guess is that these ladies probably look better in person.

Outrageous Interview Blunders 2011

Jan 30th 2011 8:08PM About eight years ago, I had a temp job as a receptionist at an insurance agency. I was one of two receptionists; this other girl and I were stationed in the reception area at the entrance. One day, this dingbat came in to interview for a position as an insurance agent. For some dumb reason, she asked the other receptionist, who was only two years younger than me, her age. When the receptionist told her, the dingbat kept remarking about how great she looked for her age. Later in the day, the dingbat called the office for some reason, and I answered the phone. She asked me which receptionist I was. When I told her, she said, "Oh, you're the old one!" I told the office manager about this and the dingbat was officially out of the running for the job. What an idiot!

How to Wear Fur and Faux Fur for Fall

Oct 16th 2010 12:13PM Back in the caveman days, people used fur out of necessity. It's no longer necessary. We now have fabrics that keep people just as warm. There is absolutely no excuse for the existence of the fur industry. Israel is considering legislation to ban the industry from its country altogether. Unfortunately, China is putting on pressure to keep the legislation from getting passed. I hope they don't succeed. I personally will boycott any designer who company that uses real animal fur in their products. That is a disgrace.

Elderly New York Couple Kicked Off Ship After Fight

Oct 6th 2010 10:34AM First off all, I can't understand why the person who made the remark and allegedly started this is completely glossed over in this article. That's odd. That said, I am Jewish, and I deplore hateful remarks. Not just about Jews, but about anyone. However, if I had been in this woman's shoes, I would not have lowered myself to the perpetrator's level by engaging in a swearing match with him or her. I would have quietly gotten up from the table and informed someone in charge. If that didn't work, I would complain, loudly, to the cruise line. There's a proper way to deal with ignoramuses. This was not the proper way.

Makeover My Mom: Stunning at 60

Sep 9th 2010 10:50PM I am so sick of the friggin' spammers. Is there some way they can be barred from destroying every nice story that runs here with their shameless huckstering?!
That said, Joyce looks awesome! What a great way to celebrate her milestone birthday. She looks 15 years younger. You go, Joyce girl!

Two Cents on Tipping: Who, When and How Much

Sep 2nd 2010 9:49PM I do not agree with tipping your mail carrier and garbage collectors. These people make anywhere from $40 to $85 grand a year, depending on the city or town. Tipping these people is ridiculous.


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