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Homeowner Robert Phipps Says Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Blinding

Apr 28th 2013 5:08PM So what is wrong with using blinds, or roman shades? Just have them closed 1/2 way, the top 1/2 is all they need to close to block the glare. Besides how could anyone live in a house with out using any type of view blocking coverings on them??? I don't feel safe or comfortable unless there is some form of covering on the's like living in a fish bowl other wise. Just like in my neighborhood I can't open my windows most of the time because people burn stuff all the time here and the smoke chokes me and I have a hard time breathing, so I have to usea lot of elec. to keep my A/C on when it's so nice out know the open your windows kind of days, I can't do that most of the time.

Tiny House for Sale in Arkansas Has Everything but Room

Mar 30th 2013 11:24PM NOT my kind of living...this isn't living, it's awful!

Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky Buy $10.5 Million NYC Apartment

Mar 17th 2013 6:12PM Are they serious??? That apt. is very pretty but NOT 10.5 mil worthy! Come on it seem the rich don't have any common since.

White House Gutted: See What It Looked Like Ripped Up From Head to Toe (PHOTOS)

Mar 3rd 2013 2:12PM WOW, is all I can say. Why wasn't I ever tought this in school??? I was born in 1945 so this is one thing that should have been mentioned in school because that was such a LARGE under taking, it must have taken years to complete, there must have been a big tado over the re opening of the White House--no? Also the Dinosors--that was never taught to us either.

Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House

Feb 10th 2013 11:18AM Many years ago when I lived on LI I had a chase bank accpunt, and they were always finding ways to take my money from my accoubt. They do lie, so I closed my account with them. For some reason with that bank they were always charging me OD charges, funny I have never had that problem since I left that bank. I watch my money very carefully and to this day I still couldn't figure out WHY I was over drawn so often, as I said 25 yrs. later different bank it has never happened since!

Justinianos' Bronx Home is 12 Inches From Apartment Building Construction, and It's Ruining Their View

Jan 19th 2013 4:10PM I thought so, that didn't look legal to me either and I've been around for a long time. They should get legal help with this one, someone paid under the table for this to happen.

Justinianos' Bronx Home is 12 Inches From Apartment Building Construction, and It's Ruining Their View

Jan 19th 2013 4:07PM Agee, I didn't even know it was legal to build that close to another home, blocking their window---no air flow now or light, not to mention you could hear the new neighbor breath for heavens sake. Awful, just awful

Plan to Build Home on Top of Historic Heard Cemetery in Sandy Springs, Ga., Enrages Neighbors

Oct 7th 2012 12:05PM That is very wrong to build a house on a grave sight, how heartless could a person be? Would they want a house built on their family's grave??

California Law Bans Landlords From Requiring Declawed, 'Devoiced' Pets

Oct 1st 2012 12:39AM My neighbors who were SO rude as to let their 4 little dachshounds bark none stop, did feed the dogs well...I some time fed the dogs for them. I left them in the house, locked the doggie door a 6 pm so we could get some rest at night. I gave them all some loving, held them in my lap one at a time but they still didn't shut up. Thank God they moved. We would complain all the time and tryed the correct chanels no to avail...they were just RUDE.

California Law Bans Landlords From Requiring Declawed, 'Devoiced' Pets

Oct 1st 2012 12:33AM I had a neighbor like that with 4 little dachshounds, they barked ALL DAY & most of the night until they were braught in. Thank God they moved, but not before we went threw HELL for 6 yrs.


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