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Brad O'Brien

Brad O'Brien

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Who Was Crowned the Most Beautiful Royal of All Time?

Apr 21st 2011 10:18AM What about Grace's daughters, Caroline and Stephanie? Haven't seen them for a while, but I recall them being really gorgeous.

Broke Ballers: 11 Athletes Who Threw Away Their Million-Dollar Fortunes

May 28th 2010 4:51PM In reading most of these bios, I would imagine that most of these athletes came from meager upbringings, were pampered at a young age due to their talents, and never told NO about those things to which most kids should be refused. They grew up with a false sense of entitlement that would naturally carry into their adulthood. 17 cars? Who could possibly use 17 cars in any practical way? The "entourages" that leech onto these players serve virtually no purpose but to enable these athletes to live in a false world of self-importance. It's all very sad.


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