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'Dancing With the Stars' Results : Who Got Voted Off? (VIDEO)

Oct 20th 2010 9:56AM I agree with Jan. Bristol never should have been on the show in the first place, she is not a celebrity. Other than being the world's most well known single mom. And as far as there being a world of unwed mothers, just because they lowered their standards doesn't mean the rest of us have to lower ours! There is an old adage that two wrongs don't make a right and it's true. Instead of glorifing teen sex, we should be glorifing those who were smart enough not to end up in this situation. She should have gone home as her dancing isn't up to the standards of the others on the show and her dancing should have been what she was judged on, not Mommy's political clout. Either way she shouldn't have been there to begin with and she is the weakest dancer on the show.

Bryan Cranston Gyrates in 'Saturday Night Live' "What Up With That?" Sketch (VIDEO)

Oct 4th 2010 10:21AM It seems like every appearance Mr. Morgan makes lately, annoys him. If he has become such a cranky old man, it's time for him to retire. The world won't change it's behavior for him. He's not as special as he obviously thinks he is.

Bob Barker Denies Dissing Drew Carey

Jul 29th 2010 2:08AM Brad you think Bob Barker has class? How many times has that man been in front of judges on charges of sexual harrassment? Now how many times has Drew? If that's your idea of class, you really need to get some.

Interview Tactic Employers Hate

Jun 24th 2010 3:02AM Actually they knocked on my door I wasn't looking for a job at the time and further info is available in my previous posted response.

Interview Tactic Employers Hate

Jun 24th 2010 2:58AM I ran a very sucessful NBC affiliate studio. We were in first place in our market. Can you or your employer say the same? And I never said manners didn't count, I said I need people who can do their jobs not just kiss butt!

Virgin Passengers Stuck on Plane for Hours

Jun 23rd 2010 11:26PM If the two of you are so damned stupid you can't substitute boat for car or bus, you have bigger problems then my response! Grow some grey matter!

Interview Tactic Employers Hate

Jun 23rd 2010 11:18PM If you have lowered yourself to sending thank you notes for job interviews, look in the mirror and meet the next corporate ass kisser! When I receive thank you notes for interviews, I immediately disregard the ap. Why, because I need people who can do their jobs, not people who can kiss my butt!

Virgin Passengers Stuck on Plane for Hours

Jun 23rd 2010 1:33PM Residual GW syndrom...America's call to fear. They would rather kill you in the name of your safety, then exercise any amount of intelligence in a senario like this. Be smart and start driving or taking a bus. It's only when we quit allowing this kind of thing, by refusing to humor it, that it will change. When they feel it in their pockets, then and only then will they do something about it. And yes, you should be looking at not the US Customs dept, but Homeland security and they should be included in every lawsuit!

Mexico Tourism Ad Draws Ire from Arizona Officials

May 26th 2010 10:31AM Well as the old saying goes, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." If we can't take it we shouldn't be dishing it out!


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