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Backyard Hockey Rink at Richard Nixon's Former Home Gets Chilly Reception From Neighbors

Dec 13th 2012 8:41PM Joseph, you're an idiot. Leaving aside issues of was Nixon a criminal (since it never came to any sort of trial, you or I can believe whatever we want), THE WHOLE STORY HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH RICHARD NIXON OTHER THAN THAT HE LIVED IN THE BUILDING 52 YEARS AGO. Reiterating, you are an idiot.

Backyard Hockey Rink at Richard Nixon's Former Home Gets Chilly Reception From Neighbors

Dec 13th 2012 8:37PM It made the news because it 1)mentioned Richard Nixon and 2)mentioned him in a way that made it sound negative. Guarantees someone or other (yeah, including me) will read it.

Typically for anything to do with HP and AOL it 1)had nothing to do with Richard Nixon and 2)was only negative if you were one of the idiot neighbors.

Common Craze at The White House

May 11th 2011 6:39PM Carney said, "...Within that genre of hip hop and rap he is known as...a conscious rapper." As opposed to an unconscious one? Actually, that would probably be better.

Could Prince William's Future Daughter Be Queen?

Apr 20th 2011 10:08AM i thought that Prince Charles is next in line after his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Why would his son's potential son be considered next in line? Probably just a poorly worded statement. What else is new on here?

Also, since Great Britain doesn't have a Constitution, in the sense that we do, all laws passed by Parliament become part of their "constitution". No lenthy amendment process.

Melissa Gilbert's Husband Caught Off Guard by Split Announcement?

Mar 4th 2011 6:53AM I spent my first few seconds of reading the article thinking it was a typo - that can't be Melissa Gilbert. Maybe Rivers. Not Gilbert. Sad.

'Man Down': We Interview Dan Abrams About Why He Believes Women Are Better Than Men

Mar 3rd 2011 6:29PM Damn, he's got a good wig these days. Generally, women don't need them.

Truly, the Most Interesting Man in the World

Jan 19th 2011 7:52PM What is amazing is that this article is written as if he's really what his character (in an AD, for God's sake) is. Never heard of him before the ads, this is the first time I've ever seen that he's a real person. This whole thing is ridiculous. It's a goddamn AD. And he's a character in it.

IRS: Tax Day Won't Be April 15 in 2011

Jan 5th 2011 5:58PM Emancipation Day? I'd never even heard of it, after a lifetime in Connecticut and other northern states, until a 5 year stint in North Carolina. And it was a state, not national holiday. OK, that was before 2005. 1980 to be exact. I'm back in Connecticut and we used to get a break because some obscure holiday, celebrated in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, fell on April 15 and, at the time, we filed to Andover, MA. Do federal employees get Emancipation Day as a paid holiday? If not, they should be at work and the filing dealine shouln't be extended. If so, shame on the citizens of Washington, D.C. for requiring such a ridiculous "holiday".

12 Things to Look Forward to in 2011

Dec 30th 2010 9:13PM "Cheaper Homes"...Not such a benefit for some of us. We bought when the "boom" was just reaching our area of Florida. Now our home is worth about 65% of the mortgage. Not complaining, we're not trying to get rid of it, just wish we'd bought a bit later. Well, maybe I'm complaining a bit. We'll try to get the mortgage reduced a bit, but a deal is a deal.

UConn Kicks Pie Into Face of BCS

Dec 5th 2010 7:11AM Wow, someone at AOL has it in for UConn - yesterday, the article dissing (I hate that "word" but it matches the literacy of the articles AOL runs) the UConn Women's Basketball team, today it's their football team. Please let me know if UConn ever does something right.


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