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5-Year-Old Boy Saves Family From House Fire in Beacon, N.Y.

Dec 1st 2012 2:41PM Most in NYS, from Westchester to Buffalo, unless they have pipe lines for gas heating, they depend on Propane Tanks or Electric, and in either case, isn't safe, nor efficient enough to not cause problems for the homeowners.
Propane tanks can explode, and electric stoves or heating, can short or when they have electrical storms or outages, they need to depend on generators, candles, flashlights and are prepared with water in their tubs, and coolers to keep foods fresh. You would think in this day and age, that all would be working efficiently enough to not have such disasters and that the work ethics would be that of honest, caring and hardworking people to want themselves and others to live without stress and tragedies.
Thank God that this family is well and safe, and that their home, unlike so many who are without homes and lives due to hurricane Sandy, this family is fortunate to have made it out of the home, and that their house is still standing and can be rebuilded. May God Bless all in this Holiday Season and Always, with good health, happiness and prosperity always.

5-Year-Old Boy Saves Family From House Fire in Beacon, N.Y.

Dec 1st 2012 1:43PM Great that the mom did finally listen and go to her child, and that this little boy did exactly what he was suppose to after his lesson by the Fire Department. Glad this family is alright. Material things can be expensive, especially if your homeowner's insurance doesn't pay out immediately or that you're not covered, however all things can be replaced, sentimental valuables can be remembered in your heart, but you can never replace a life. They have a lot to be Thankful for.

Shantonia Heard of Atlanta Left Her 2 Children Alone With No Power and Gas Oven On, Police Say

Nov 10th 2012 8:58PM So sad, that the lives of small children aren't given higher value than the greed of an immature, selfish mother, and where is the father? Why not take the children with her? Why leave the oven on, was she expecting them to burn to death, acquire carbon monoxide poisoning, and other injuries or apartment catching fire, and/or perhaps the pit bull tearing the children apart? Irresponsible and very much endangering the welfare of minor children. Charging a cell phone is more important than that of her children, nope, their best interest isn't with the mother!
What about the cousin that charged her cell phone, why didn't they ask about the children or at least go get them? All that knew this mother(in name only)left the children to fend for themselves, with no light, food, and an open heated oven on, what was her intent?

3 Surprising New Uses for Glassware

Sep 13th 2011 10:21AM This idea is certainly not new! I've used all types of glassware for serving all types of food in! Sherbet with fruits, olives, marinated mushrooms/artichokes, etc, to name a few things, desserts, appetizers, dips, all things when I run out of serving platters or bowls. Perhaps she's bring something old back as something new, and the younger people may receive a idea from this. Candles in fraquent water, using color, or gravel in colors to decorate with, not to say, the flowers as center pieces. So much use for glassware, and as I've mentioned, it's not new!

5 Unusual Ways To Clean Your Windows

Jul 30th 2011 11:53AM My grandmother used to use newspaper, ammonia to wash the windows and forgot the name of the wax, like Pledge table cream wax to finish the windows, she would let it sit and then with newspaper, she would wipe the wax off, and those windows were so clear you thought the space was emptied, without a window. Of course, she did this on a weekly basis, when she washed, starched and hung her curtains on a huge rectangle shaped tacked starch board to stretch them, then she like her other clothing, would spray them with water, fold them & put them in the bins in the refrigerator, took them out to iron.

Idol Worship: J.Lo's Greatest Fashion Hits

Jul 24th 2011 9:55AM Sex sells for a short time, but doesn't make a lasting relationship, it takes trust, intelligence and CLASS. Compromise, trust and open communication would add to a lasting relationship, not one person working to keep their relationship thriving!
Jealousy, mistrust and control, plus adding to another's relationship to break up doesn't make your relationship a lasting one! Jennifer needs to be honest with herself, dress her age, show intelligence and sophistication, that truly would be a great thing for her children to see and emulate! Jennifer Lopez does need to "GROW UP!"
Her display during the performance on American Idol, a true family show, was distasteful and disgraceful, that was in my opinion, a trist to get Mark's attention, as I noticed Jennifer's eyes toward the female back-up singer in Mark's band.

Idol Worship: J.Lo's Greatest Fashion Hits

Jul 24th 2011 9:30AM Time for Jennifer Lopez to "GROW UP" show an example of a role model for her children to emulate, not a vain woman that seemingly is resentful of her age and perhaps her hubby's eyes allegedly straying, as they did with his first wife. "Seven year itch," menopause, mid-life crisis, and controlling one another, not trusting, can ruin a relationship! It would be refreshing if some celebrities would dress refined and with dignity for their age, show a little sophistication!

Random Recast: Corks Day 4

Jul 23rd 2011 8:17PM Relatives have used old corks for fillers in holes in walls, floors and puttied over them, some used them for fishing hooks to keep in the fishing bait box, and others have used them as hot plates, or instead of foam, clay, they can be used to fill with flowers in small fishbowls, wrap the corks with either colored tape or ribbon then stick in the decorative items in them. Of course, they can be used for snowpersons' eyes, mouths, or noses, all three perhaps? Sure if your creative, you can come up with a multitude of uses for corks. Cut them in half lengthwise, and make a planter, or candy dish, placing a bowl inside them or cupcake dishes.

Could Casey Anthony Judge, Belvin Perry, Be the Next Judge Judy?

Jul 6th 2011 9:34AM Please keep this judge in his courtroom, we have enough court television judge's thus far, and the justice system needs to keep a no nonsense and strict to upholding laws in our courtrooms! We have plenty of male judges' on television, Judge Alex Ferrer, Judge Joe, and many others that are fair and take no nonsense! Then really late night, at times, although I don't see him of late, is Judge Cutler, from NYC. Keep this judge in his courtroom, however, from time to time, what would be great is to hear his scenario how other cases can pan out and/or should pan out, what went wrong/right?
I prefer that this judge remain in the courtroom, he's good at his job in protecting the public interest and making sure he holds all to the "letter of the law!" Need more judges like him in the system!

New Couple Alert: Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen?

Jun 2nd 2011 1:35AM No, No, No! Understandably, Justin Timberlake lives in SoHo/Tribeca, NYC, and Olsen Twins were supposedly students at NYU, Greenwich Village, don't know where the twins live,however, history with men living in SoHo/Tribeca, such as Heath Leager for one, whom allegedly was with an Olsen Twin(believe Ashley,not Mary Kate Olsen)the night before or day of his death! God forbid, should something like this happen to Timberlake, due to his involvement with Ashley Olsen, I don't want to have to listen to my favorite Reba McIntrye and Justin Timberlake song; "The Only Promise That Remains!" Justin needs to settle down, and perhaps the only one true love he's had and should be with is himself or Britney Spears!


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