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Charlie Sheen To Be Roasted on Comedy Central

Jul 5th 2011 7:54PM Anything that keeps me from having to sit through 30 minutes of Kelso is alright by me.

Mackenzie Phillips, Addiction Counselor?

Jun 26th 2011 2:01PM I can stare into trees & bushes for hours too. Sometimes I like to watch my green bean plants climb the trellis. Ishh funn!

Peter Frampton Files for Divorce

Jun 24th 2011 3:37AM "We lived on your doorstep, I made you my wife... but I don't need that.."

Inmate Admits He Shot Tupac Shakur

Jun 16th 2011 1:06AM I thought for sure it was John Mark Karr?

Neil Patrick Harris: Expect 'Spider-Man' Jokes at Tonys, Just No Tights

Jun 12th 2011 12:05AM Damn, I'm glad my parents were straight..Gideon and Harper? .. Really??

Fetus Has More Than 260 Facebook Friends

Jun 2nd 2011 6:35PM Facebook...a place for narcissists..

Chelsea Handler Admits Abortion at 16, Loathes '16 and Pregnant'

May 25th 2011 3:42PM I'm surprised she allowed a penis to get anywhere near her?

Gus Johnson: Any MMA Fighter Would Kill Pacquiao In the Cage

May 13th 2011 7:31PM Yeah, I guess rolling around on the floor with a guy, with a nut sac on your face would make you rethink your chosen vocation.

Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'

May 13th 2011 3:36PM What, was Justin Timberlake not available? Bad choice. Won't watch anymore.

'Teen Mom' Moms: We Should Have Just Cuddled

May 5th 2011 5:51PM Cuddling makes for a fine PSA, but not so good in the collecting child support dept.


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