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Zootoo Review - 5 Cool Collars for Dogs

Aug 27th 2011 1:33PM This was so very not interesting.

The Wee-est Puppy

Aug 27th 2011 12:52AM Looks like a fake photo of a kitten with a computer simulated head.

Corgi Puppy Needs Help Climbing Stairs

Aug 27th 2011 12:31AM Oh that's so cute.

Zootoo Review - 5 Terrific Frozen Dog Treats

Aug 19th 2011 6:09PM Lucky dogs. My father as a child growing up in war torn Europe told me their dog got a slice of bread to eat in a day and whatever it found for itself rummaging in the fields.

Tortoise Bandit BBQ Snatch

Aug 16th 2011 2:17AM All I ever see from the pet section of the AOL home page is stressed out cruelty to animals.

Puppy Won't Take a Bath

Aug 15th 2011 6:08AM She put this dog thru unneeded stress to make a video. A different water container could have been used with straight sides. Watching it physically break down and limp into the water was absolutly pitiful. I feel bad for dogs that end up with women.

Hot Weather Safety

Aug 11th 2011 12:17AM Only donkeys and gringos walk around in the noon day sun.

Russia the Dog - Cute Pet of the Day

Aug 4th 2011 6:00PM Just a matter of time until the Huffington Post and Facebook take over the pet news section comments page.

Bulldog Can't Swim

Aug 3rd 2011 12:37PM That dog has too much of a snout to be considered an English Bulldog.

The Situation Facing $1 Million Lawsuit

Jul 10th 2011 1:25AM I like to see mike do a cooking show on the Food Network. Call the
show Sunday Dinner. Or a Huge Heffner after hours couch lounging,
drink mixing, women fraternizing show, oops that would be copying the
Jersey Shore show.


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