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Wilma Lanier

Wilma Lanier

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BofA Mailing Principal Reduction Offers to 200,000 Borrowers

May 10th 2012 11:29AM My daughter, divorced with four children was paying way more than she could afford. Probably late a few times. One day got a letter...gonna foreclose in 30 days. Where to go with four children? She took up this offer then, was told not to pay for 3 months (whew! what a relief!). Subsequentially, after SHE called them each month, finally got another foreclosure letter,called again and spoke with one of their lawyers, looking good. When she called last, to make sure, ending up with small interest reduction, all monies she was told NOT to make during added to her original loan, and the loan became 40 yr., not the origial 30. Big mthly. payment stayed same. I would only approach with a lawyer or male as a witness if you try. Wilma L.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: British Designers Share What They Think The Future Queen Will Wear

Feb 14th 2011 4:40PM I do not believe any of them will do Kate justice. If it has to be an English designer, I honestly think that designer should have a secret meeting with Vera Wang or someone of that stature who designs simple but outstandingly beautiful gown which would meet all the English standards. Kate does not need to look like a matron but the slim, young vital woman she is. It would not show cleavage, necessarily or in any way offend the senses of the matrons of England she seems to need for approval. The gowns shown have been used over and over for non-royals in one way or the other.

10 Best True Crime Shows of All Time

Jan 6th 2011 4:01PM I did enjoy Hill St. Blues but now my VERY favorite show, with forensics and all the equipment used to solve cases, is NCIS. Currently, reruns are being shown on USA and I never miss one, no matter how many times I've seen. Great and varied story lines and the casting is perfect. You feel they are real and not actors because they each have accomplished their character role and they mesh completely.

Fan On the Street: 2010 TV Year in Review (VIDEO)

Dec 30th 2010 3:06PM A whole lot of people seem to be missing the most together series on TV --NCIS. Best I've seen since M*A*S*H. I have watched reruns all summer and still at it. And I love it that I can go to On Demand and see any I was not at home for. I will never miss one. I did like House O.K., but no-one could be that miserable all the time. The scenes with Cutty when they got together showed another side of him, 'til he blew it. I believe the writer's should tone down a bit his constant rages and from the hip attitude. I would like a Dr. to have his smarts to diagnose me, but not him. You go in with something that's usually fixable, but they start treating you for an ingrown toenail and go up until they have "fixed" everything and nothing. His team were compatible for a long while. I liked him best when he was in the mental ward. He actually acted human sometimes.

The 10 Greatest TV Characters of 2010

Dec 30th 2010 2:35PM I cannot believe that you only mentioned Ziva David from NCIS. The story lines are always good and the cast meshes together better than any show I've seen in many years (M*A*S*H) being the only other one. Not only does EACH character bring a definite personality to his/her character, but guess what? No foul language, no indecent dressing and no sex scenes where they have to go thru each motion. We are always in suspense and can take what is given us and fill in the blanks. May they never leave.

Easy Lower-Body Workouts: Shape Move of the Week

Nov 14th 2010 4:20PM Where can I get the video?

Actor Who Played Tarzan's Strong Boy Dies at 79

Oct 20th 2010 12:07PM Just wanted to be counted with the others that I well remember seeing the Tarzan movies. I remember how high that cliff was which separated them from us ordinary people down below. Even in this day, a popular saying between married couples is, "Me Tarzan, you Jane." It was good, clean watching. I am so glad we have channels which play the "older" films. I enjoy them more than the loud, violent, sex-filled films. Now, they believe you have no imagination so they show you step in living color. When Rhett took Scarlett up those big stairs and the next thing we saw was her stretching in the morning with a big smile on her face. No need to show what happened. Farewell, Boy. Thanks for the memories.

Hot Questions For June 2, 2010

Jun 2nd 2010 4:04PM I'm tired of playing this game. Freedom of speech is dead.

Candie's Foundation Taps Bristol Palin for Teen Pregnancy PSA

Apr 7th 2010 11:59PM I was always told it was rude and childish to constantly harass a girl. There are so many celebrities, including politicians, who have done so much worse and don't have the nerve or grace to admit her error and try to help others to not make the same problem for herself. She's acting like a lady, farrrr from being the first one to be in this situation, and it's time to quit sitting in judgment on her....Jesus said to the perfect people who were demanding that the woman caught in an adulterous act, "Let the first of you who has no sin cast the first stone." The left. Learn a lesson.

Group of Small Businessmen Behind Mysterious Bush Billboard

Mar 5th 2010 9:39PM Anastasia: Are you cross-eyed? You got all your facts? backward. Derek: Good job. Before the reform was even passed, my social security check was cut $100 and I am a widow on a limited income. Dennis Connelly: I agree with you totally. Good comments. dzeigfinge: It's small when a President and/or his followers can't admit what they have done. If President Bush ruined our country, who in Sam's Hill is trying to turn us into a piece of a North American Union. All the freedoms we came here to set up this country, and the Constitution that has led us to be the great country we were, are fast being dissolved. And if we are not FREE, none of the other worries matter. Pres. Bush DID try to keep us free. Obama doesn't actually know how to run a country. If people had read up on him before the election, surely they would not have done this to uis.


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