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David Leahy

David Leahy

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Angelina Jolie Lands Louis Vuitton Campaign

Apr 25th 2011 11:47AM She might be decent looking but "those lips" God she could swallow Texas She frankly is average. Brad Pitt needs his eyes checked. There is thousands of better
looking gals around that are easily recognized Maybe she has other "talents"
She does not get lsited as "A" for her morals She tends to be a little "loose"

What Is White Font and Can It Help My Resume?

Jun 8th 2010 12:39PM Mary Kay...If the law said one could not vote until age 25,
then the snot nosed kids, living at home. would not have voted
that idiot into office..Maybe voters should be made to take a
IQ test to get a voting permit. Every voter should have a
picture ID with a voter ID number. And immigrants cannot
vote for 10 years Plus no automatic citzenship to children
born here immediately after Mothr arrives. No other Country
in the World is as stupd as we are.

Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly Demanding an 'American Idol' Wardrobe Allowance

Feb 22nd 2010 5:52PM Ellen is a no talent joke. No problem since when Simon leaves the show is over
'anyway. Ellen should just get a crew cut and wear combat boots.
She needs to hook up with a Harley biker and get her life changed real quick.

She should pay them to even appear on the show. She could not get loved on
a Navy base

Media World: CNN circles the wagons around Lou Dobbs

Aug 5th 2009 5:20PM Re nobama. He's in now even if living a lie. Remember
he went to Afganistan in 1991. No US citizen was allowed
to travel there. He had to use a passport. What did he
use? By Federal law, a US passport was not allowed
to be used-yet he went. Makes one wonder.

10 Ways to Damage Your Career

Feb 18th 2009 7:15PM Strange country.. I get job offers as Marketing Mgr,etc
for tool & die components. Jobs for upwards of $100K
Set up distributors nationwide& Canada Offers based on
reputation--not people who actually know me but have been
told about me. Everything goes great until my age rears its ugly head and yet I race motorcycles . Once over 55 or
60 might as well just travel like Europe, etc Having dual
citzenship (Ireland) is a great asset but means nothing

Katie Holmes Spends $14 Million in Six Months!

Jan 6th 2009 9:51PM I would not walkj across the street to see that pansy.
Instead of action hero, he /she should be playing a
hairdress or a ballet dancer/ God help im if he ever goes
to prison. He will be somebodys "wife" within m inutes
(and he will totally love it)


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