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David V

David V

Member Since Dec 21st, 2007

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Cyber Monday Giveaways

Nov 28th 2011 1:18PM The right diamond can make a man happy too.

Cyber Monday Giveaways

Nov 28th 2011 1:16PM The one thing on my wishlist is good health for everyone.

AOL Shopping's "i heart sleep" Giveaway

Apr 28th 2011 5:04PM I get about 4-5 hours sleep a night, tossing and turning. I am up almost every hour on the hour just to get comfortable. I have tried new mattresses and the foam toppers and have not found one yet that helps me sleep.

Homeless Girl Gets Royal Wedding Invite from Prince William

Apr 19th 2011 5:06PM I wish them all the best.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Humanitarian and AIDS Activist Like No Other

Mar 23rd 2011 6:37PM My heart goes out to the family and friends of Elizabeth Taylor. The world has lost a beautiful woman and star, We our all lucky to have shared in her life. Thank-You and RIP
David Vaughan Phoenix, Arizona

Whiner and Diner Feeder Giveaway

Sep 1st 2010 5:42PM My daughter Bridgett has 2 food and 2 water bowels on a comfy rug under an antique desk and loves it that way, if I put them anywhere else she will not eat or drink.

Delta Loses 8-Week-Old Puppy - Sends Dog to California not Maine

Jun 17th 2010 6:30PM My heart goes out to the woman whose puppy was put on the wrong planesand has had no answer from Delta as to why. If it was my baby (dog) I would want a more personable answer too, my pets are my children and I expect everyone to treat them as such, children...

Kurgo 'Pup Your Ride' Giveaway

Jun 15th 2010 5:17PM I take Bridgett everywhere I drive, last week we went wine tasting

Kurgo 'Pup Your Ride' Giveaway

Jun 15th 2010 5:15PM I have taken my baby girl Bridgett with me to Las Vegas from Phoenix, she had a great time

Giveaway - Dog Art by Mark J. Asher Photography

Jun 8th 2010 6:27PM To err is humane
to forgive is canine
This is one of my favorites because it is so true, your pet will always forgive you.


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