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Supermodel Says American Airlines Lost Her Wedding Gown

Nov 12th 2010 5:19AM Here is the information from the website as stated above for the Scottsboro, AL Store - 7,000 new items daily - the store covers a city block - do you actually think that baggage handlers don't sell your baggage to this store - there should be an investigation into the workings of this store by the FBI that's for sure.

The store is located at:
509 West Willow Street, Scottsboro, Alabama 35768.

We're open
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT
Closed Sundays.

Note: Pets are not allowed in the store.

Payment Terms
We accept cash, personal check with valid driver’s license, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

We sell gift cards at our Concierge Desk in the Scottsboro store.

There is only one Unclaimed Baggage Center!
Unclaimed Baggage Center covers more than a city block! You should be sure to allow yourself plenty of time.
We stock over 7,000 items DAILY in the store.
Everything is clean, fresh, and ready for you to take home!
It will be a VALUABLE trip.

General Return Policy

Supermodel Says American Airlines Lost Her Wedding Gown

Nov 11th 2010 12:13PM Actually, Lisa, I've been to that store as well because I couldn't believe that a store is in operation selling stolen belongings. The 'Unclaimed' luggage supposedly has the check-in tags missing and so they couldn't find the owners. Have you ever tried to rip those tags off your luggage?? You have to CUT them off, they certainly DO NOT fall off. They're removed and then since this store is in business, after whatever is taken out of this luggage that the thief wanted, it eventually makes it's way there. Maybe they pay a certain amount of money to "purchase" this luggage - I'm sure they don't just get it free. Wonder how many other stores there are like this one around the country? Anyone know??

Supermodel Says American Airlines Lost Her Wedding Gown

Nov 11th 2010 6:35AM I have a suggestion. Look at the "Lost Luggage" store at Scottsboro Alabama. Oprah went there a few years ago to ask where they got enough airline luggage to open a "Lost Luggage" store and they told her to get out of their store, off the side walk in front of it or they would call the police and have her and the crew removed. They stated that they didn't have to answer any questions and it was no one's business where they got the merchandise, it was from all over. I do know that they hire just anyone as baggage handlers at airports and they don't have to go through any sort of background check, etc. I do know that they steal luggage to go to this store and others and that they have hand held scanners to see if you have jewelry, etc. They can tell a lot. And, if you don't lock your suitcase with a good lock they simply can open it if is looks promising and you'll never see it again. I don't think there are very many stores like this in the country, but I do know that recently that store was selling a many carrot diamond ring on E-bay and other sites. I would go in person, with pictures to see if my items were there - if you call they WOULD NEVER admit or tell you what was there. I think it's disgraceful that we have that store in this country and people's belongings keep being funneled into it for sale. My husband's luggage was "lost" twice on international flights - the luggage made it to Charlotte NC and suddenly disappeared in one instance. The other time it was logged into Pittsburgh PA and then disappeared. Both times his destination was Virginia.

Nothing personal: Two grocery chains attempt to ban check-writing customers

Oct 3rd 2009 12:33PM Shekinah Love - no, a debit card is not the same thing. It's automated and many don't want to put their income in jeopardy by having it scanned by check out clerks who have the little device in their pockets so they can steal your money, same thing at restaurants and other retail outlets. It's amazing how you think that you have the right to tell people how to do business. With your attitude I doubt very seriously that you're a store manager, more likely a cashier who's a complainer. Every customer who quits coming into your store because of a bad attitude from the employees there affects your business as word of mouth is also still alive and well.

Nothing personal: Two grocery chains attempt to ban check-writing customers

Oct 3rd 2009 12:24PM SJ - sounds like you have a problem with senior citizens - those same people who are paying for your children with their medicare (benefits for children whose parents are 62 and older who receive $800 a month for each child they have - which they shouldn't be entitled to because they're taking someone's income away from them who actually put it into Medicare with their mandatory check deductions) and who are paying state and local taxes including school taxes even though they have no children in school, so your children can have more school benefits. They are the same people who are giving your nursing home and assisted living employees work, physical and occupational therapy and surgeons of all types work, family practice and internal medicine and cardiologists and pulmonologists work, physical therapists work - in short, keeping a lot of people in business. I hope when you're a "dinosaur" yourself that people dismiss you and hope that you're dead. There are automated checkouts in almost every store these days so if you don't like the SLOW progress of your line, use one of them.

Nothing personal: Two grocery chains attempt to ban check-writing customers

Oct 3rd 2009 12:17PM Not everyone can get credit cards as there have been millions of forecloses and the unemployment rate is ACTUALLY much higher than is being reported - it is at more than 15%. If you don't have a job you can't get a credit card. If you don't like standing behind someone who writes a check go to the automated checkout and then you won't have to complain. I don't bank online because I don't want my information stolen. If you do, then that's your prerogative just as not doing so is mine. Don't presume that if people write checks they'll bounce. I've never had a bad check in the twenty years my bank account has been in existence. I have the right, just as you do, to pay for things any legal way that I want to. Some of you sure are controlling and bossy. You're the ones who need to get a life. We don't have to change just because you want to change. Automation is fine if you want it and fine if you don't.

Kmart's new recession play: Discounts for the unemployed

Sep 30th 2009 5:52AM The reason MA has a higher payout to the unemployed is because they have a higher cost of living than FL. I live in AL and ours is $305 a week on the high end. However, those who are on SS who worked low paying jobs get between $400 and $800 a month so they certainly can't even afford K-mart. We need to start growing our own vegetables again and raise one cow and one pig a year with another family or two and split the meat. We need to go back to the way we lived in the 40's and 50's because the goal of the rich is to make us poorer and hopefully dead so that they can have their own eventual elite society that doesn't include anyone else other than slaves and servants to wait on them and do their work. That's what it's coming to. I wonder if our fearless leader has taken enough family vacations this year and shown his daughters and mother-in-law enough of the world all packed into less than one year? He's been on enough talk shows to make one wonder if he's auditioning for a host's position when he leaves office.

Q&A: Joy Behar, cable news' newest host

Sep 30th 2009 5:38AM I don't know why she slams S. Palin. My dog has a higher IQ than Joy. I'm amazed she has a talk show. I guess it's to showcase her mean, obnoxious, crude, nasty demeanor. She says people mix her up with Bette Midler?? No one would do that so don't flatter yourself Joy. Oh, maybe that was meant as a joke as you tell people your're a comedian - not funny as far as I can tell, but maybe other vacous and obnoxious people think so. There's nothing comedic about your except your face which is always has a snarl and frown on it and looks distorted with hateful thoughts.

Serena Williams takes her temper out in Tampax ads

Sep 28th 2009 3:41PM Serena is 5'11", weighs 200 lbs. She treatened a 5' tall person, with her tennis racquet, two or three times. The woman was fearful and thought she was going to be hit. If any nobody did the same thing they would have been arrested and charged with intent to do bodily harm. She's got money, is "famous" so nothing was done. She wasn't even suspended for a tournament. I was there and she is intimidating and she DID threaten the girl and she DID step over the line before the serve. The rules are for everyone. Why didn't she just challenge the call? That's what the challenges are for.


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