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Atheist Patrick Greene, Who Threatened to Sue Over Courthouse Nativity Scene, Sparks New Controversy

Nov 24th 2012 4:09PM A gift is not a gift if there are strings attached to it. He graciously accepted help from the local church, but cannot, in the same spirit donate a star without promoting his lack of religion. Shame on him.

Dana Nance of Houston Says She Unwittingly Rented Home to Marijuana Grow Operation

Aug 26th 2012 5:17PM Jan:Install a thick carpet with thick padding. Put ceiling tiles up that muffle sound...Ask politely that they be mindful of the noise. If that doesn't work, send written notices about the noise and then evict her. Don't renew her lease...there is plenty that you can do.

Trouble Blooms: Condo Board Sues Resident Over Flowers

Mar 21st 2012 6:11PM This is typical of hoa's. Very small minded people, they are. We live in a condo development and have an hoa...they have the same mentality. But...we have a 5' garden area around each unit to plant as we see fit (however, they send a volunteer jerk around every year to check for weeds and "overgrowth") They want the shrubs to be all the same height, lol. I can't wait to move in a few years. HOA's should only have power over eyesores and junk left outside. Seems like the residents should vote out these people.

Landlady's 'White Only' Sign Still Not OK, Commission Says

Jan 13th 2012 1:33PM Ignorance knows no bounds.

The Minor Threat: Age-Restricted Communities Evicting Children

Jan 6th 2012 5:14PM It's real easy to say they should just Most are living in their homes or condos that are not worth anywhere near what they paid for it. Times have changed and life situations can cause need that no one anticipates. My husband and I live in an over 55 community in NJ. We are moving within the next couple of years. I don't like it here, well I should say that I don't like the people here. The are generally unfriendly and the Association people are rude and nasty. The rules are crazy. Not only have property values fallen, but the maintenance has decreased also, what once was well cared for now is not, which also causes a decline in value.
There are those who do not want to live in a neighborhood with children, although that was not our reason for moving here. It was because we'd rather do other things than yard work and pool maintanence with our time. But I think it behooves us all to be a little more tolerant of special circumstances. Quite frankly, just because people get older it should not entitle them to being cruel and narrow minded. It seems to me that these people should be commended for trying to do the right thing, not thrown out of their home.

Most Controversial HOA Moves of the Year

Dec 24th 2011 10:22PM To WooHoo:
I take offense to your comment completely. There are thousands of very nice neighborhoods that do not have an HOA in New Jersey. In fact the only communities with an hoa are trailer parks and adult communities. The benefits, per you are investment protection? Not where I live. We pay $260 monthly dues and this place is nothing like it used to be...we're moving, to a non hoa know, a ghetto, according to you.

Most Controversial HOA Moves of the Year

Dec 24th 2011 10:11PM I have a 100 pound dog. When we started looking at adult communities (just turned 55)I told the first realtor about her and told her point blank that I was not interested in seeing anything where dogs were not allowed. She brought me to a nice community and when driving through I saw dogs that were as big or bigger than my dog. I asked for the by-laws which I never got, because her office manager told me that they had to pay for them. Because we saw dogs the same size and my realtor told me that "everyone" had dogs there, I didn't investigate further (my mistake). The day before closing, after the walkthough, we stopped at the association office and asked about enlarging the back patio. The president of the association was the most unfriendly person I think I've ever met, but I tried to keep the conversation light and remarked that I thought it was wonderful that we found a place where we could bring our dog. She asked how big the dog was and the xxx hit the fan. She bared her fangs and told us that they only allow dogs up to 30lbAnd if we moved in they would start proceedings against us immediately. I told her I saw plenty of dogs larger the30lbs just riding through there and she said that they "were taking care of this problem". They also refused to give us a copy of the by-laws saying we were not entitled to them because we didn't live there yet, that it was the realtor's responsibility to get them for us (they refused to do so). I called my lawyer and killed the deal. It cost us $5000 to get out of the contract. I found another place quickly and closed quickly (in another adult community. I had to sign a release so I could not even recoup my lost money.
The hoa here is just as bad, but I can have my dog. It's a sterile enviornment and I don't like it. No personal expression is allowed, the don't plow the snow for days leaving the very elderly homebound. (We can get out, we have a truck). If you park in front of your house, we have a very short driveway, they will tow your car, they inspect for weeds, poor maintanence, poor attitudes. And we pay $260 a month dues. It's not for us.
Looking to move, soon.

HOA Forces Family to Remove Disabled Child's 'Therapy Home'

Dec 16th 2011 8:35PM It doesn't just sound heartless, it is heartless. When they moved there I'm sure they didn't know that part of their son's treatment would be a specialized playhouse. When you have a child that has special needs, as a parent you do what you need to do. Suppose someone in a family in your community was rendered wheelchair bound, would they be allowed to add access ramps? If no, that's discrimination. The same thing applies to this little boy. To me, if the neighbors don't like it they can move.

HOA Forces Family to Remove Disabled Child's 'Therapy Home'

Dec 16th 2011 8:26PM TO RON W: Wish you were a board member where I live. It's an active adult community full of snobs and nasty board members. No individual expression is allowed.Period. We will be moving within the next couple of years. It would seem to me that no HOA should be able to deny anything that is considered "treatment" of an illness. We have very elderly people that live here and nothing is allowed to make their lives easier, but they want their dues. HOA's should be regulated and audited.

'Mortgage Prof': 5 Reasons Banks Would Rather Foreclose

Oct 19th 2011 2:27PM And how is their mind set working out for them? There are thousands of decaying properties everywhere that people have walked away from. It's a fiscal decision, no different really than what the banks do. I see no reason why anyone would want to continue making payments on a mortgage that is so far upside down it will never be worth what is owed. Some find it a moral issue, but it's not. I know people that made sure their ducks are in a row and have walked, only to buy again soon after.


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