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Iranian aircraft crash caught on new video

Jun 4th 2011 5:04PM FYI that's a TU-154 that is crashing. The Iranians don''t have F-4's.

Click and Support Veterans via Facebook and Twitter

May 30th 2011 11:24AM How many of the 300K are honorably discharged vets? Here in the state of Washington if the money spent on agencies alledgedly serving the homeless vets were just given divertly to they they could have $400K homes, free and clear. igest problem is te vet needs to seek help. I know a non-combat vet with less than two years service who receives free medical (no copays), free meds (no copays), a monthly VA pension, subsidized housing, subsidized bus pass, reduced utilities, food stamps, and periodic food vouchers. All because he sought help and he had an HONORABLE discharge.

Royally Confused? British Slang, Decoded

Apr 23rd 2011 4:08PM Agreed. You think they could have spent some time on useful words. There's thruth to the phase two people separated by a common language.
Why not words like lorry = truck, tram = streetcar, bonnet = hood, lift = elevator, petrol = gas, bangers = sausage, rashers = bacon, loo = toilet, barrister = lawyer, bikkie = cookie, bobby = cop, bog-roll = toilet paper, car park = parking lot, carriageway = roadway, round-about = traffic circ

'Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration' iPhone App Draws Outrage

Feb 9th 2011 4:37PM Calling an illegal alien an
'undocumented immigrant'
is like calling a druig dealer an
'unlicensed pharmacist'

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan?

Nov 17th 2010 12:58PM Terrorists have won. I wonder why there is no way to opt out of this screening. Why not deginated domestic flights that have you sign a waiver and allow them to depart from gates where there is no screening? Also they force pilots through this screening, but what about these TSA employees.

Confessions of a Census Worker

May 29th 2010 12:51PM FYI. I worked for a federal agency. Not only is possession of an email address not a requirement for employment, but employees were forbidden to conduct official business via personal e-mail. Employees with a need for e-mail were provided with laptops and internal e-mail addresses.

She Won't Give The $17,500 Ring Back -- Now She Explains Why

May 15th 2010 6:55PM Sorry - the law is clear - Give the ring back.
1. Oral contractsaren't worth the paper they are written on and even if they were she is the one that broke the contract.
2. It was an engagement ring regardless of the date that it was given, as any jeweler.
3. Traditionally it is the brides family that pays for the reception, but regardless she is the one that called off the wedding.
4. You can attempt to sue for 1/2 of the living expenses for the two years. Who knows you may be more successful than the countless men who have tried this only to come away owing attorney fees.
Cut your losses and give the ring back.

Obama the Hottie: President Gets Unusual Compliment in N.Y. Wings Joint

May 14th 2010 11:56AM $10.82 - enjoy your stimulus Buffalo 'cause that's all you're gettin'

Is Kagan Gay? It's All the Talk, and That's a Shame

May 14th 2010 11:48AM She is against don't ask don't tell. So ask and have her tell. Once she comes out of the closet, they can hook her up with Barney Frank.

Immigration Fight: Has Arizona's Get-Tough Law Changed Everything?

May 1st 2010 6:21PM Coyotes are now advising their clients to head east and cross through New Mexico and Texas. Guess the Arizona law is working.


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