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Heated Breakup Led to Arson at Apartment Building, Police Say

Oct 2nd 2013 10:37AM No, i disagree 100%...only sick, depraved, perverted, and evil women can do something like this.

Liv Tyler | Style Evolution

Jul 1st 2011 1:36PM yes, u most certainly would say that to a male if he hadn't aged since 14 years old. women need to stop looking for sympathy and/or excuses for everything they say or do. that's a compliment to ANYONE, male or female. it's too bad if YOU don't ever receive it.

Liv Tyler | Style Evolution

Jul 1st 2011 1:12PM oh grow up, her mother is a hobag....

Makeover Diaries: A Slimmer, Smoother and Sexier New Me

Feb 13th 2011 3:10PM yeah, that sounds real nice, but no, being a great person on the inside is most certainly NOT what most people see. there's absolutely no even debating that issue, it's common sense, if u have any to use.

American Airlines Pilot Found Dead

Jan 18th 2011 6:28PM investigate his wife, if he has one. i don't know how he was killed yet but the spouse is the first to check up on. a 50 year old guy dead in his own house screams out "the wife did it".

'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Charged With Felony Domestic Battery

Dec 29th 2010 2:47AM i'm sure she'll get out early, if the pig even goes at all. this country's criminal system is so unbelievably ignorant, naive, wimpy, and in denial, that it's actually embarrassing to live here. this country still seems to think that women are somehow incapable of doing anything wrong. it's like pulling teeth to get a prosecutor to charge a woman here, and it's even harder to get an idiotic judge to put one in prison.

'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Charged With Felony Domestic Battery

Dec 29th 2010 2:38AM well of course he'd take her to the courthouse! have u watched this show? this guy is the biggest wimp i've ever seen in my entire life...and i've seen a few. he let this pig punch him in the face as hard as she could and did nothing. if that doesn't just scream "here, pussy,, pussy, pussy"..i really don't know what does. if that gal tried that with me she'd STILL be in the hospital.

'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Charged With Felony Domestic Battery

Dec 29th 2010 2:31AM oh i love it. it's about friggin time. put that pig in prison for the 3 years and charge her fines up the ying yang. i'm sooooooooo glad the police and prosecutors got heavily involved in this because you know that wimp gary wouldn't have even come close to pressing charges. m tv should also be sued for standing there taping a show while a person was getting punched in the face by someone as hard as they could. personally, i would have beat the shiat out of her right then but that sissy gary just stood there, with his iq that hovers around 70, and did nothing. well, too bad gary, now the police have got your disgusting, perverted, piece of trash of a gal friend all nice and cozy in an 8 by 11 cell.

End of the Road: TV Shows That Got Canceled or Retired in 2010

Dec 26th 2010 7:30PM yeah, i gotta say, i too will miss jenn hewitt bouncing around that show with her perfect rack.

Watches - Running Out of Time?

Nov 3rd 2010 5:44PM exactly....who would want to digg into your pocket , case, or purse to see what time it is when all u really need to do is flick your wrist. ...and yes ajschrod , men don't walk around with their phones literally glued to their hands like women do so we'll always need a watch.


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