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Bursting at the Seams: Stars In Messy Braids

Jun 20th 2011 2:42PM i have long hair and go to a salon for a french braid all the time. it looks great, and i have a friend who can do a 5 strand french braid that looks awesome. no need for a sloppy braid, go get it done right and see how many compliments you get, esp if you are blonde and the different shades add to it.

Does Your Bra Fit? Chances Are It Doesn't

Apr 4th 2011 11:10AM personally, i'd like to invent a jock strap for whoever invented the bra. i hate those things, i'd make sure it dug in squeezed squished and had underwires that poked. lmao

Fergie Works It Out in a Braided Ponytail

Mar 30th 2011 1:51AM ok, back to the subject, that has to be one of the slopiest braids i've ever seen. i would have refused to pay for it. i have long hair, down to the middle of my back and i'm always getting french braids which look so much neater plus they stay in for several days at a time. i swear they make my hair grow thicker, longer and faster because about 10 years ago my hair was falling out so i started keeping it in a braid and in less than a year it was as thick as it was before falling out. i'll keep wearing my hair in a braid. maybe when i'm 90 i'll still have all my hair

Nacho Cheese Leads to Disney Suit

Feb 12th 2011 9:10PM parents should have been watching their kid better. yes, the cheese is hot so keep it out of the reach of their screaming little brat i say they should receive nothing.

Confessions of a Mortician (Funeral Director)

Feb 6th 2011 12:52PM average cost of a funeral is about $7000 if you don't want anything expensive.not including the headstone or plot. check the newspaper, people are selling there plots all the time and you can probable bargain with them on the price. if you belong to a church, you can always hold the funeral and viewings there. my husband and i have already chosen to be creamated and out ashes spread, mine where the dolphins swim, his close to where he loved to ski and just a memorial service and no expensive urns, just a nice jar or a small box to hold the ashes in.

What to Look Forward to From TV in 2011

Jan 1st 2011 3:02PM anything to do with oprah can get flushed down the toilet, along with game shows, all the housewives, all the reality shows (where do they find all those idiots? oh that's right, east coast), nbc thursday nights, and hoda and kathy lee, oh hell, the list is too long, think i'll read a book.

Hairstyles by Face Shape: The Perfect Haircut for a Heart Face With Straight Hair

Oct 31st 2010 5:31PM i happen to be 51 and my blonde is down to the middle of my band. i have NO intention of cutting it anytime soon either. its very thick, baby fine and i have been told that i have very beautiful hair. i do like to keep it in a french braid, pony tail, or pulled away from my face, which ever way, why should i cut it into some "old lady" style?

10 Things We Learned on the Set of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I'

Oct 31st 2010 5:06PM i actually cried when i read the very last book. no more Harry Potter? i stayed up all night many times reading one of the books cover to cover because i just couldn't put it down. i sure hope she writes just a few more. they were one of the best series i have ever enjoyed.

Grow Longer Hair: Pro Tips (and a Promising New Line) Help Promote Hair Growth

Jul 28th 2010 12:42PM i have long thick but fine blonde hair and yes i do color it. i don't shampoo every day but maybe every 3 days and try to just air dry as often as i can or jut blow dry enough so its not dripping. i get french braids as often as i can and leave them in for several days. i started doing this several years when my hair for some reason was falling out. it stopped the falling out and my hair grew back quickly and much thicker. i now put my hair in a loose braid at night to keep it from getting all tangled, less breackage when i brush it out in the morning. i use pantene shampoo and conditioner, prefer the conditioner for women of color and i use a pick or very wide tooth comb to comb it out in the shower as i rinse the conditioner out. gently squeeze excess water, wrap in a towel and comb out again. my hair looks shiney, not frizzy from split ends.

Carnival Reviews Smoking Policies

Jul 21st 2010 11:15AM i'm less likely to kill someone smoking and driving than you are drinking and driving. i've never taken a cruise but hey you ban smoking on a cruise and i won't be taking a cruise. i'd rather talk to a sober smoker than a drunk non smoker. i HATE drunks and wish all of them the worst hang overs. they should see how stupid they act and talk when they are drunk, all thinking how cool they are then puking in some corner, so NOT cool.


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