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betty OLeary

betty OLeary

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Must Watch: Royal Wedding Dance Video

Apr 20th 2011 1:45PM I Love this video, and I hope that the Royal family enjoyed watching the assembled English nobility behaving like we less constrained Americans. The dancers' behavior breaks with tradition, surely, but they seem to be having lots and lots of fun. Was that really Camilla terpsichoring with the rest of the celebrants? I hope the royal wedders enjoy their nuptial fastivities as much as did the folks who participated in the making of this video.

A long and happy life together to Will and Kate. May you have a great deal of pure, unadulterated fun and happiness during your lives together.

Is Jon Stewart America's most trusted financial voice?

Mar 12th 2009 4:05PM Jon Stewart is truly a scholar who has, among other things, kept abreast with the political and ecnomic situations in the US over time. He is also a very avid reader of history, psychology, economics, as well as masters of previous ages. I trust his statements. If disagree with anything he has said, I'll research it for myself, and, I must say, Jon Stewart has been right on every time.
I'm puxxled by the reference to the effect that Jon is a "Fag." The appelation is an evil one to me, and, in fact, Jon is married to a woman. That he is married to a woman makes the scurrilous comment an indictment of the accuser, who, as previous opinion givers have stated, seems to have sexual problems of his own.
Way to go, Jon Stewart!!! Gay Pride!!!

Pat Robertson and I Discuss Atheism

Nov 20th 2007 5:32PM In my opinion,religious beliefs (or lack thereof) should not be used as criteria in assessing a person's character. There's plenty of room in this world for diversity, and we can learn much about living and interacting by appreciating another's point of view. For diversity to be successful in human interaction, we must not attempt to force our views on each other; we must not attempt to frighten each other by prognosticating hell-fire and damnation for philosophical differences, and we must recognize that much of our different points of view hearken back to what we were taught as children.


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