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It's a Girl for Victoria and David Beckham!

Jul 10th 2011 7:30PM would it kill this woman to smile once in a would seem to me she's got a lot to be happy about.

10 Things You Should Know About Pippa Middleton

May 3rd 2011 11:32PM Harry oughta tap that

In-Flight Cell Phone Calls Now Allowed On Emirates

Mar 23rd 2008 12:14PM that will probably make things much more convenient for the hijackers

Starbucks' Howard Schultz will 'fight to the death' for coffee dominance

Mar 21st 2008 2:27AM I personally don't drink the stuff (most people I know say it tastes burnt) but I do admire the fact that he provides medical, dental, and profit sharing to full AND part time workers, hopefully they will be able to continue to do so.

New school to pay teachers what they're worth (almost)

Mar 12th 2008 2:40AM EGAD! Commentor (and Educator) Lorri is "greatful" she's lives in America - I for one would rather she be grateful.

Oh, the generation of Spellcheck has so much to learn!

Thinking of bleaching your teeth at home? Things to know

Nov 12th 2007 3:04PM hmmmmmmm....... MR are good initials for you - can't you recognize dry humor when you read it?


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