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Ailing Couple Face Eviction Because Caregiving Son Is Under 55 (Video)

Nov 14th 2013 12:01PM We live in such a community, only not quite so fancy. Yes, the situation of these folks is indeed heart rending and tragic. BUT...if the community does not ACT in a definitive manner in EACH of these cases (however sad) a precedent will be set for the next one...then the next....etc. Despite what others may feel about it, we move to these communities to be free of the activities, noise and uproar (and children) that often accompanies younger residents. If these rules are not enforced (EACH TIME!) the comunity will in time decline into just another 'family park' with all the attending problems....and our home values will decline to near nothing! Hard as it is to say, these poor folks KNEW the rules when they moved in...and they know what they must do now. They just thought (as we all do) that such a thing would never happen to them. EACH CASE of an underage person (even though they wrap themselves in the flag because a relative is "deployed" in the military) must be dealt with firmly. If it is not, the flodgates will open and that community will be just another run down rental come-one-come-all trailer park! One concession could be made; for sympathetic reasons,the cut off date could be moved back to, say, the end of February so the disruption of the move need not be during the holidays.

HOA Says Woman Must Take Down Church Sign in Front Yard

Jun 27th 2013 5:11PM For a prospective resident in such a community, the lesson to be learned is: NEVER, NEVER buy in a community that allows RENTALS of any sort! Most renters are/and create problems in one way or another as they feel any rules just don't apply to them! Don't even subject yourself to the problems of renters in the first place....!

The Minor Threat: Age-Restricted Communities Evicting Children

Jan 6th 2012 11:44AM My goodness...what a terrible attitude you have. And, of course the "f" word further substantiates this. I would not want to live next to you whever you live. Many people move to these communities precisely to avoid residing next to edgy people. I'm not saying all older people are more level, but the over 55 park is always quieter and safer. I pity you neighbors.

5 Staging Tricks for a Quick Sale

Oct 10th 2011 4:08PM Staging is everything in this terrible real estate market! We have had to move 3 times in the last 4 years and sold all 3 homes within 60 days each. The only difference between us and all the other houses like ours for sale were 3 things....absolute top staging and we made our own flyer. Staging means EVERY single sq ft is staged...emptied out, cleaned perfectly till it shines, repainted, lightly but magazine type decorating, yard is landscaped with lots of flowers and worked on every day to keep it perfect. You can do this on the for almost everything like paint, matching towels/shower curtains/ baskets with artificial flowers,etc.. Family dollar is great for cheap pictures/mirrors/candles/placemats/decorator stuff/etc.. It should look like no one lives there. Just absolutely essential clothes in the closets. Fresh flowers in vases in kitchen/dining room/bathrooms. Live LIGHT. Nothing on counters. Put everything away/wipe everything off/shine everything IMMEDIATELY after use. It's a pain and real inconvenient, but works every time. Use the realtors lock-box and be wiiling to have a showing ANYTIME. Make yourself scarce when the realtor shows up for a showing. House must smell fresh and beautiful..scented candles (not lit), potpourri baskets, plug-in air fresheners. NO PETS during showings...and no evidence of pets. Make you own flyer on the computer using a photo program,with your own carefully staged interior/exterior photos. Use creative, inviting script. Keep it to 2 pages. Very colorful. Send copies, with a simple cover letter to ALL THE INDIVIDUAL REALTORS IN TOWN. State "easiest home to show in the whole area...always staged and ready". PRICE IT BELOW ALMOST ALL COMPARABLE HOUSES IN YOUR AREA. Believe me, it will sell, and sell prettey fast. You'll have to be willing to pay the buyers closing costs, and take an offer slightly below your asking price...everybody wanys a "deal."

Jury Duty Job Scam Preys on Busy Workers

Feb 15th 2011 12:36PM Leon
I assume you are an adult and if your parents are retired, you are at least in your 40's. As children, our parents are morally and compassionately required to take care of us. But, if I am guessing correctly that you are at least in you 30's, you should have extablished your own life and not be dependent on your parents to protect you or provide for you. They can live their retirement years any way they wish to/are able to. They do not 'owe' you anything. If you are a decent, responsible, compassionate son you should be making sure they are OK as they grow older...not the other way around.

'A Christmas Story' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Dec 24th 2010 7:17PM streetcars (or trollies if you must) did indeed still run in Cleveland in 1983...only the Shaker Heights line was never shut down I believe. I was refering to the streetcars in Christmas Story as seen in the downtown scenes...all filmed in TORONTO Canada. I think Cleveland has since then expanded its 'light rail' system...fancy french nane for STREETCARS!!

'A Christmas Story' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Dec 24th 2010 11:48AM Yes, some filming was done in Cleveland, expecially around Public Square, BUT also in TORONTO where the older Toronto Transit 'PCC' Streetcars in their maroon color are featured on the street the tree buying scene, etc. Toronto kept most of its streetcar system and even reopened a few routes if you're into such things! So, lets not forget Toronto!

Royal Caribbean Raises Cruise Tipping Guidelines

Dec 10th 2010 11:23AM Or if you must 'cruise' use the Holland America line where there (I think) is still a no tipping required policy. Of course you can still tip if you wish. I would actually paymore the the 'cruise' so as not to be forced into tipping. We HATE tipping and just don't much go to those places where this noxious practice is expected. Most 'service' at those places is not worth a tip, let alone the base price charged.


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