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john foote

john foote

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Bones in the Attic: Mysterious Find in Historic Home

Jan 19th 2012 6:48PM Don't assume murder they may have just wanted to keep her close?

Obama's Refinance Plan Explained

Oct 28th 2011 7:42PM This is what got us in to trouble in the first place, the government made banks give loans to people that should not have gotten them ,who could not pay for them. This is just an extension of that kind of poor lending. The banks are not going to want to give these loans out. Get Washington out of banking , we have already seen what they can do.

Madonna | Style Icon

Aug 16th 2011 1:24PM This woman is a dirt bag, a slimy piece of trash who has slept with hundreds of men and women. Other than that she a real nice kid.

Drew Barrymore and Neiman Marcus Hook Up

Jul 22nd 2011 7:06AM She is a pig.

Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure Fails To Boost Tourism

Jul 20th 2011 7:01AM I am so sick of this Marxist woman and her controlling ways. Hope she fades away soon.

Oprah Winfrey's Next Role: High School Teacher!

Jul 7th 2011 3:07PM These Big "STARS" always have to go to another country. America needs help ! Start loving America again. Help people here.

Sarah Ferguson: They 'Destroyed' Me Because I'm a Royal Ex Wife

Jul 5th 2011 7:20AM Sorry Sarah but you did a lot of negative things yourself doll.

Linda Hogan to Hulk: 'Be a Big Boy' and Apologize

Jul 2nd 2011 12:40PM This woman is disgusting.

Pamela Anderson | Style Evolution

Jul 1st 2011 2:19PM I have never been a big fan but now that she is not trying so hard I think she looks great and starting to show some class .

Oprah's Dream Interview: A Confessing O.J. Simpson

Jun 17th 2011 6:34AM Just more "O" B.S.


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