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Prince William and Kate Middleton Bestowed Titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Apr 29th 2011 9:22AM the Queen can kiss my ass ! i can't believe that the English people STILL allow the royals to live off of their tax dollars...
Prince William has never even had a job ! no wonder that Great Britain is a joke of a country - the royals take all of their $$$ and blow it on their lavish lifestyle !
thank goodness this BS is over with !!! if it wasn't for the United States they would be speaking German in England...

Lady Gaga Upsets Catholic League, Worries Video Creative Director With Controversial 'Judas'

Apr 11th 2011 8:42PM Lady Gaga makes me sick !!! don't people the she is really a GUY ???!!! She (or he) is what's wrong with this country. no talent - but it doesn't matter as long as you "shock" people with weird behavior.
people should ignore him / her. what a creep !

Oprah Won't Publicly Support Obama in 2012 Election

Apr 7th 2011 9:46AM too bad "jwblackpride" can't spell. he represents the kind of people who voted for Obama - illiterate idiot racists !!!

Oprah Won't Publicly Support Obama in 2012 Election

Apr 7th 2011 9:40AM Oprah SHOULD keep her mouth shut - her support of Obama helped him win in 2008. and look where that got us. we are on the verge of collapsing as a nation.
gas is double the price that it was and we have lost 12 million jobs since Obama took office (while Reagan CREATED 20 million jobs in two years - after inheriting the same type of recession)
so Oprah needs to keep her mouth shut, lose about 100 lbs and be seen but not heard. she is nothing more than Jerry Springer in panties...

Police Use Pepper Spray to Subdue 8-Year-Old at School

Apr 6th 2011 5:35PM the kid deserved it - and he needs a good spanking as well.
and the mom is clueless - maybe the cops should have tased her for being such an IDIOT !!!
no wonder this kid is such a smart-ass. i don't think he has ever been told "no". this is Jerry Springer-like...

Photo: Bikini Clad Audrina Patridge and Mom

Apr 5th 2011 3:47PM wow - wouldn't mind having a threesome with those hotties !!!
i think the mom's even hotter than the daughter...

and PLEASE stop with the bathing suit photos of Kathy Griffin !
i almost threw up...
i'd rather see Whoopi Goldberg in a thong - or Barney Frank in a speedo...

Kathy Griffin Flaunts Svelte Figure in Florida

Apr 5th 2011 3:32PM OMG that is gross !!! i knew she was ugly - but she's even worse in a bathing suit. put some damn clothes on !
i wouldn't touch her with a 10 ft pole - that's what i call fugly

Whoopi Goldberg Misfires in Attack on Article About Black Oscar Winners

Feb 14th 2011 7:33PM look under "pig" in the dictionary - and there is a picture of Whoopi !!!

Muslim Girl Back on Basketball Court After Being Benched for Wearing Headscarf

Jan 20th 2011 4:56PM she SHOULD be banned until she gets rid of the garb. if she can't follow the rules like everyone else, then she shouldn't be allowed to play !!! if she doesn't like it, move to the middle-east...
stop trying to make a political statement

Kathy Griffin's Newest Palin to Pounce On? Willow, 16

Jan 5th 2011 11:14AM Kathy Griffin is just another butt-ugly liberal woman who can't stand conservative values - just look at the way she swears and disrespects everyone. and now to pick on a 16-year old girl ?
shame on her !
Kathy Griffin is just another in a loooooong line of ugly liberal women; including Oprah, Hillary, Janet Reno, Kathy Griffin, Roseanne Barr, etc.
these women hate men because they don't get any attention from men - and obviously have no sex life to speak of...


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