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Courtney Love | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 2:36AM My Question has always been the same, why does Hollyweird have her around? She is the picture of a poster hooker child, she has not self esteem and I feel sorry for her when ever I see her. She must live in a sloppy dirty house, and eat canned tuna for lunch! Really, what is her draw? other than she is usually half naked. She looks sick too/

Charlie Sheen's 'Two and a Half Men' Character Will Be Killed Off

Jul 5th 2011 1:37PM AFTER ALL THIS,, It kinda shows how he was treated in the first place. I think that "killing him" on the show is meant to be cruel and very mean in spirit. I Know Charlie is full of himself or was, but kicking a man when he is down is dirty.

I will never watch the new show, and going to racier? Is racier what the average American wants on their TV screen? I really think it is a sick slap in the face of all. un fan here.

Video: Milky Way from the plains

Jul 3rd 2011 3:38PM I was very interested, beautiful photos of the Milky Way,,,, but I tuned this guy out when it became obvious that he is a big bang theorist, and does not know or believe in GOD OUR CREATOR, if there ever was a big bang, GOD created it,and we did not "evolve" as this poor fellow said. 1/2 beauty from God, and one half Fiction.

Rihanna Slams Report Admitting She Provoked Chris Brown to Hit Her

Jun 25th 2011 11:04PM MORE IMPORTANTLY DEAR RIHANNA,I took the time to watch your S&M video today, and it made me sick. I lost any respect I had for you, and I am sure you provoked Brown, not saying you should be beat up, but you have a "mouth"!! I will not ever buy your cd's in the future, your trash now after that terrible video!!! YOU HAVE NO SHAME, ONLY VENGENCE AND SEXUAL FLAUNTING!

Company Looks to Cash in with Anthony Weiner Doll

Jun 17th 2011 1:59AM Sir, I think you need to go read the stuff he was writing to a perverted woman about people, his views of others, is what is worse and shameful, he was side tracked with his sex life on line and woman who were not his wife, he no doubt HAD to act fast to keep up with all his emails to women other than his wife. I really learned some things from all this, Clintons right hand is a m-----?? wow, some truth to our pres. being soft for m------,Kings etc. Saudi Arabian Kings we only need oil from, so he is their patsy and Clinton has her as her advice? What on earth got all this crap in our white house and congress? Bad morals and those who condone it, like Hillary who kept ol Bill around, she is power hungry and now to find she is taking advice from a M----- woman with a J----- perverted husband?? What on earth kind of "marriage" can stay the course of infidelity of the heart like Weiners? Sick Nation, men and women looking for sexual stimulation on line? Sad marriage to begin with, poor servant to us all, makes America have a black eye. And this sicko company selling sexual dolls? Sick Sick Sick!!!

Company Looks to Cash in with Anthony Weiner Doll

Jun 17th 2011 1:48AM This has nothing to do with Weiner really, it is about some sicko company that makes a buck off any raunchy subject,like this sick doll, what perverted industry/sales/no morals/ just $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I still think he should sue!!!

Company Looks to Cash in with Anthony Weiner Doll

Jun 16th 2011 9:06PM What a SICK SICK SICK PERVERTED IDEA, I HOPE HE SUES THIS TRASHY COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS,,,,, WE DO NOT NEED THIS DOLL are they sick people to do this? Good Lord, stop them in their sick tracks!!

Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night': A Crazy, Celeb-Cameo Party (Video)

Jun 12th 2011 10:40PM Shame ON KATY PERRY,I could handle all but the slide of your hand down the guy,, that is quite a porny thing to put into a video that will be viewed by your many teen fans!! You are suggestive and worse.
You are such a pretty girl, can't you make a decent video that does not includ porm moves?

Oral Sex in 2nd Grade? Apparently So at a California Elementary School

Jun 9th 2011 1:06AM THis "show" SKINS is vile and immoral, they should be thrown off the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teachers having sex with students
Students having sex with teachers
Parents having drunken parties
School dancing is more like porn dancing, where are good chaparones?
And we wonder why she gets pregnant, he gets aids, they get warts, blisters, and turn into future druggies and alcoholics~!!!!!!!!!!! BLAME FREEKOS LIKE LADY (NOT A LADY) GA(G) US!!!

Old Navy Debuts Gay Pride T-Shirts

Jun 7th 2011 1:23AM The HOLY bible, is the inspired words of GOD, it is not 'just a favorite book', it is a Christian education book of Truth. It has a daily pattern for living in the Proverbs and other places. It IS the inspired words of God and the information in it could SAVE YOUR LIFE, after death here. God bless you, and Old Navy is just out to make a quick buck, off the most controversial group of misguided Homosexual people in our world. I really doubt it will become important to most of us who are normally straight, and attracted to the opposite sex for another of God's purposes. HE left a plan, full of morality, and rules, and He clearly stated, MAN SHALL NOT LAY WITH MAN.\OR WOMAN WITH WOMAN. CLEARLY WRITTEN ABOUT IT IN THE BIBLE MANY YEARS AGO, IN THE GOD INSPIRED WORDS OF THE BIBLE.


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