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Watch: Testing Spring 2011's Sheer Gear

Apr 28th 2011 12:16AM Where is it going to stop? Why bother wearing anything at all? Everyone says "express yourself", "if you got it flaunt it", "you should be able to do and wear what you want". People, don't you think it's time to get back to modesty and class or are we way beyond the turning point? If we are, that is really sad! Some people say women are asking for it by the way they dress, I believe that is true. Dress like a slut, you'll get treated like one. Just my opinion!

Bro, Go Retro At These 7 Drive-In Theaters

Apr 2nd 2011 10:03AM There also is one up in Door County, WI. Too bad we can't go back to those days, life was so much simpler. Remember going in with a car load of friends, finding your spot and opening the trunk to let out a bunch more, SUPER. alot of GREAT memories! The kids now have no idea what they missed out on. SO SAD! I truly beleive the 50's and 60's were the best decades, glad I was a part of it!

Nacho Cheese Leads to Disney Suit

Feb 13th 2011 3:21AM I think it is about time that parents start being held accountable for watching their own children. It is too easy in this country to put blame on someone else and then make money in the process. The only thing that Disney should have to pay for is any medical bills and THAT IS IT!!! The parents are at fault for not watching their child, so take the blame like you should. The cheese from nachos is hot, or didn't they know that?


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