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Living Apart Together: Separate Spaces Keep These Married Couples Close

Feb 18th 2013 10:50AM I'm sorry, this just doesn't sound right to me. My husband and I work very long irregular hours, too. On nights when one of us has to get up early, or when somebody is sick, I might sleep in the guest room. But overall the best feeling in the world to me is to fall asleep holding his hand. Marriage is about learning to compromise. It's not all about me, me, me. I have to assume none of these couples has or wants kids. Which would just make the whole thing impractical. I love my husband, and I like him a whole lot too. Sure, sometimes I want to watch my own tv shows, so I go in the other room and watch them. I read in bed while he watches what he wants. It's not that hard to figure out. If you can't figure out how to deal with the little things, how do you think you will do on the big things? Not to mention, 2 rents, 2 mortgages. It seems a little silly to me. I know, I know, to each their own. BUT, either you want to be married or you don't. These people are married, living like they are still just dating. That's not a marriage in my book.

The Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

May 26th 2011 8:44PM Way before the "Rachel" was the "Dorothy Hamell"

That being said, how is it that most of these women influenced style? Eva Longoria? Certinaly a beautiful woman, but what influence on hair styles has she had?

January Jones Pregnant in Sheer Top: New Trend for Mamas?

May 24th 2011 7:45PM Jackiemorr,

I guess you didn't realize the point of the article was asking what we thought of her outfit. They didn't qualify it by saying she just rolled out of bed at 6:00am. So, I guess if that's what you want to look like to walk the dog, that is fine. If, unfortunately, that is what you wore the night before, it still looks terrible.

January Jones Pregnant in Sheer Top: New Trend for Mamas?

May 24th 2011 1:52PM This whole ensemble is a hot mess! She looks like she got out of bed, threw on a sweater and boots, and left the house. Not to mention the whole sheer top trend is really stupid unless you are walking the red carpet somewhere, or are at the beach.

Watch: Testing Spring 2011's Sheer Gear

Apr 27th 2011 8:23PM Um....Madonna was doing this in the 80's. Just go in your bra, it is the same thing! Look, if you want to walk the catwalk, or rock the red carpet for comments, that's great, but really, walking around the streets that way just makes you look like a hooker.

Why Did TSA Pat Down Kids, Adults Getting Off Train?

Mar 1st 2011 8:55AM If the patdowns were that "intrusive" on the kids, why is there video of it? Wouldn't the video of it be even MORE intrusive????

Don't get me wrong, this seems like a total waste of time on the TSA part. They are stupid. I can't tell you all the stupid things I have seen them do when I travel.

Makeover Diaries: A Slimmer, Smoother and Sexier New Me

Feb 13th 2011 4:14PM Terry,

You are an idiot. As well as the others who said she is still fat. She looks tall in the pictures. I am 5'10", and at 150 with an athletic body, I look FABULOUS! Any less weight and I would look like a bobblehead. You cannot go by weight alone. You need to know height and body type. (Athletic or not?) Since she has been working out and lost most of the weight by excercising, I"m sure 150 look great on her!

'What Not to Wear's Stacy London Helps You Dress for Less Stress at Work

Feb 5th 2011 5:13PM Steve,
I know a lot of people who are unemployed, and who lost jobs and spent over a year looking for a new job. Here's what my observations tell me:

1. They wanted to "take some time off" before starting to look.

2. The "time off" got longer and longer as they started applying for jobs, and having to explain the extra long gap in employment.

3. Most of the job they didn't get were because they were too picky, or applying for jobs they wanted to qualify for instead of jobs they did qualify for.

4. You need to be flexible in the types of jobs you apply for and where.

5. Go hire someone to critque your appearance and demeanor. Nobody wants to hire a slob or angry guy who bitches that they've had to apply for too many jobs and nobody wants to hire them.

JCPenney to Close Six Stores, 19 Outlet Stores and Other Operations

Jan 25th 2011 10:24AM I don't know why this is a surprise to anyone. Catalog stores (or, a small office with a walk in desk like a post office) were great when catalog shopping was more difficult. Now, when you order from anyone, including JCPenney, it gets delivered to your house. No more schlepping down to the catalog store to pick it up. And you can return to any JC Penny store, so no more schlepping to the store/counter to return. I don't know why they didn't close these catalog stores before.

As far as the six real stores closing, they seem to be in more affluent areas, and it is hard to compete with Von Maur, Macy's, Lord and Taylor, and Nordstroms. JC Penny just isn't the same caliber of store, and it is easy to see why they wouldn't do so well in these areas.

If this were a question of the economy, these stores would be doing BETTER, as they are less expensive. It is simply a matter of the times catching up with them, and they need to offer more main stream/branded clothing instead of their store brands if they want to keep up.

Health Hazards Festering in Your Sheepskin Winter Boots

Jan 20th 2011 12:40PM I think Uggs are just that, UGLY! But I have a question for all you people who wear them "the right way" with no socks.

So, you go out in the winter and the outside of your boots get all nasty and you go to someone's house and take them off....what, you go around barefoot? That's gross. Also, how about the airport? I can't believe how many people go through the security line BAREFOOT when they take off boots and flip flops. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.


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