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Hospital Hiring Goes Up In Smoke

Jan 21st 2010 8:24AM Kudos to Memorial Hospital of Chattanooga!!!

Home Depot fires cashier over 'God' button

Oct 29th 2009 10:14AM Take that job and shove it along with Home Depot. So he wore a badge? So what???? Was he preaching in the aisles as customers came through the door??? If not, then what's the big deal???? Christian Americans need to put a stop to these agnostics. The "POWER" belongs to the people.

With Ellen replacing Paula, has Idol jumped the shark?

Sep 10th 2009 9:30AM Please-----------pick someone else to fill Paula's chair. Can't stand the Lesbo Ellen.

Michelle Obama Style Predictions

Nov 8th 2008 10:03PM Style? What style?


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