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Pal: 'Heartbroken' Hef Thought Crystal Was the One

Jun 15th 2011 2:50PM Isn't it time Hef realizes how old he is and acts his age.?? Give me a break. I'm glad Blondie came to her senses.

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

May 31st 2011 4:10PM She's had her 15 minutes of fame. Get on with it. Not that news worthy anyway. She sounds like a kook.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Bestowed Titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Apr 29th 2011 9:26AM Gee, Harry Balls, who do you think pays our elected officials in this country? Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black????

Prince William and Kate Middleton Bestowed Titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Apr 29th 2011 9:14AM And will be King and Queen of England. Beautiful couple.

America's Meanest Airlines

Apr 11th 2011 3:36PM I'm not a seasoned flyer, but have used United Airlines when I have flown. Could not have been treated better. Very accommodating, kind, and eager to please. In fact due to a mix up in Chicago as to what gate we were to be at, they held the plane until we got there.
If I ever fly again, it will be United Airlines.

John Legend Tells Donald Trump to Quit 'Saying That Racist Bulls**t' About Barack Obama

Apr 8th 2011 12:03PM Donald Trump needs to go back to his desk and shut the heck up. What a creeper he is. President of the USA. Now THAT'S a role model. NOT!!!

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake

Feb 7th 2011 12:09AM It's disgusting the way most of these singers masacre "The Star Spangled Banner" It is to be sung with a quick beat and a lilt, not this stupid up and down quiver all over that most do. My take sing it right or get someone who knows how to properly sing it.

Sir Elton John and Husband David Furnish Welcome Baby Boy

Dec 28th 2010 11:59AM How special. Also, sick!!!

Bristol Palin: 'It's Over' With Levi Johnston

Aug 4th 2010 2:07AM Totally a dysfunctional family all thw way around.

LeBron James Interested In 'Buying' $50 Million Miami Mansion

Jul 17th 2010 1:47PM Isn't the "Queenie King" special??? JERK!!!


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