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Arnold Schwarzenegger Refuses to Take Off Wedding Ring

Jun 2nd 2011 3:59PM He should have thought of putting a condom on and he would not have to worry about haveing to take his wedding ring off.

Who's the Fairest (and Ugliest) Royal of Them All?

Apr 28th 2011 4:19PM The Duthees of Cornwall Prince Charles's wife is the ulgy's of all now let he go back to her dog food bowl bow whow.

Judd Family 'Angry and Hurt' About Ashley's Memoir Shockers

Apr 7th 2011 12:49AM I don't think Ashley has any business airing the family dirty laundy like she did she should be ashamed of hershelf I feel the Judds are wounderfull and maybe Ashley is jelyes becaues she is not as well known as her sister our her mother.

Did Ellen DeGeneres Inspire Justin Bieber's New Haircut?

Feb 24th 2011 4:02PM I am glad to see that Justin Beiber got a hair cut and a new look it looks good on him it makes him look older and gives him a style of his own. Good job young man.

Couple on Game Show Loses $800,000 for Answering Question Correctly

Dec 22nd 2010 9:40PM I feel they should bring them back and let them finish from where they were at if not then why would anyone want to watch a show like this????????

Andrew Gallo, Killer of Nick Adenhart, Two Others, Sentenced to 51 Years

Dec 22nd 2010 9:33PM Again I have to say drunk driver's kill more people then someone who has smoked a little Pot when is this goverment going to wake up ??????????

Your Boss Was Fired: What Now?

Dec 19th 2010 2:33PM I worked blue coller at G.M. and when one of our bosses got fierd we would Dance in the asile!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Swift Spotted with Jake Gyllenhaal on Thanksgiving

Nov 27th 2010 1:27PM What is a matter with you man run run run she is to young can't sing and not deserving of a man like you.

Jim Carrey Thinks 'Three Stooges' Movie Is Dead

Nov 13th 2010 1:46AM It must be the origunal three stooges nothing elese would do better so what if they are re-runs that what makes tv alive. The same would go for Laverne & Shirley no other actor could do as well as they did I would not even bother to watch them some thing's just get better with age.

Home Auctions: Buy a House for 50 Bucks?

Nov 9th 2010 12:33PM I live in Garden City Mi. or what you may call Metro Detroit I would not go to Detroit if you payed me to it is so bad they need to tear down half of the city and start over. People have just walked away form these homes the drugs and gangs have just taken over it is so sad the Police Goverment or the Citizens need to take mesures to fix this terrible city.


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