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China's Empty Cities: These Satellite Images Will Shock You

Mar 6th 2013 9:30AM China can just tell people where they are going to live. These mushroom cities will be filled soon with obeying citizens. Obama's dream cities. Stack em up like chord wood in identical buildings and the government provides everything, but takes everything as well. It saps the juices out of their citizens, but so what? It is equal fair and JUST.

How the Foreclosure Settlement Could Affect You

Feb 12th 2012 10:07AM So sorry Michael. Just don't know what to say, but sure hope Something works out for you.

How the Foreclosure Settlement Could Affect You

Feb 12th 2012 9:53AM Look at Eric Holder standing behind Obama. What advice os Obama listening to thinking that is a good visual? Obama's hope is that the failure of this boondoggle won't be press worthy. No one will pay attention to boring ol' accountants saying how it is failed in a few months while the campaigns are hogging the news. This is just one more middle class rung for Obama to step on to reach his re election goal.

Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 1:24PM I live on a farm with a classier set of neighbors. Horses, llamas and cattle. Lucky me.

Tracy Morgan in Foreclosure Fracas Over Mom's Mortgage

Feb 1st 2012 1:19PM 25 K is in his watch pocket. What an azz.

HUD Renegs on Letting Evicted 101-Year-Old Return Home

Jan 28th 2012 11:00AM HUD. Several years ago before all the foreclosures that we see now, my daughter having graduated from college scrimped and saved enough for a decent down payment, found a cute but trashed and abused HUD foreclosed home. She was not even allowed to discuss the particulars of the home. She was told she did not qualify. Period. HUD homes were for the poor. Hello....she was pretty danged poor at the time. Why is this sort of nonsense not considered discrimination? BTW that same house has now been foreclosed on 4 more times in the last 15 years, looks absolutely horrible and is running down the otherwise decent neighborhood. The next door neighbor who is a friend is absolutely furious my responsible daughter was not allowed to purchase this house. It's last owner sold drugs and until animal control was called, had 2 mean spirited pit bull poop machines tied short. Way to go HUD.

Tennessee Home Burns as Firefighters Watch

Dec 7th 2011 10:30AM If they fought the fire, unless the firefighters were there the moment the fire started, the trailer would not be worth $75 after the fire, smoke, and water damage. The only thing that fee would have given the homeowner was some leverage with the insurance company, if she even paid her insurance premiums. Kiss it off lady, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Rod Blagojevich House Hits Market as $1 Million FSBO

Oct 11th 2011 7:25PM The jerk should have lived in Springfield where the governor's mansion and less criminal activitiy is. He just HAD to live in Chicago to be in the thick of things among his poltical crooks and cronies.

Jack Nicholson's Malibu Beach House Takes a Dive in Sale

Oct 1st 2011 9:25AM It is a statue, and bobcats have short tails.

Jack Nicholson's Malibu Beach House Takes a Dive in Sale

Oct 1st 2011 9:18AM 28 acres on or at least near Malibu Beach with a 2,300 sq. foot home (I assume this home is high end quality) tennis court, trals and sold for 3.5 Mil? Even to a poor slob like me this seems like a real bargain. Hang onto that much sand and dirt in Malibu for a few yearswhen the economy turns around (and it will) that place should be worth 30 mil. The downside would be paying those very excessive taxes in a liberal city in a liberal state. Jack only used it as a shower and towel closet. Gotta love the rich.


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