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Brooke Shields' Big Necklace at The Ballet: Love It or Leave It? (Photos, Poll)

May 13th 2011 2:34PM Brooke needs lighter makeup, slightly shorter hair with some highlights, and a colorful dress (red would be stunning on her). Oh, and the necklace has got to go.

Royal Wedding Celebrity Guests [PHOTOS]

Apr 29th 2011 12:06PM David Beckham looks so hot. Why doesn't he dump that constantly puss-face wife with her five foot heels.

Melissa Gilbert's Husband Caught Off Guard by Split Announcement?

Mar 4th 2011 9:32AM Ooh, yes, she's a train wreck but Bruce looks good though! Quite yummy. If he's surgically enhanced, at least it was done right.

Family Claims Flight Crew Did Not Help Dying Passenger

Mar 3rd 2011 2:24PM Quite frankly, though I hesitate to raise any defense for the (foreign) Emirates airline, I'm sure the son was quite hysterical & probably interfering with anything they MAY have tried to do for this woman(pushing in front of the attendants, screaming at them, etc.). (Because this is how a family member WOULD react. Maybe he caused more delay by being a jerk, or just by being too upset.)

Charlie Sheen: 'I'm Entertained as Hell'

Mar 1st 2011 10:32AM It's very sad to watch a man die in public... and when that guy has no idea he's killing himself, it's worse. I predict he will OD in a couple months, make that weeks, unless he gets help. Maybe he'll die happy with the bimbos around, but still it's very sad. At least Robert Downey Jr. got help & got clean.

Everyday Icon: New Book Chronicles Michelle Obama's Style

Feb 9th 2011 1:35PM I don't think Michelle Obama is fat. However, calling her a fashion or style icon is pushing the envelope. Most of her clothing choices are wacky-printed and ruffled things that don't seem to fit very well, or blah-colored, too-tightly-cinched at the waist, clothes. She has a nice hairstyle, and a nice smile, and her makeup is appropriate. That's about as far as I would go with praise for her appearance.

Tips for Facing Infertility During the Holidays

Dec 2nd 2010 1:47PM "Really" you are so full of it. Come down off your high horse. Most posters who are saying "adopt" are trying to get this woman and her husband off what appears to be a self-aborbed, oh why I can't have what I want, boo hoo, mindset. It's time for them to stop expecting to be given something and to actually start giving of themselves. It will make them better people, let alone better parents.

Tips for Facing Infertility During the Holidays

Dec 2nd 2010 10:04AM Sorry, I just can't pity these people. "Hellidays" - what a horrible and selfish way to consider this most blessed season of the year. There are so many avenues open to people who can't have children. Adopt; volunteer; contribute; foster; give to the less fortunate. Take those words, and make your life revolve around THEM, not around having a biological child. It is NOT the end of the world not to have a biological child, especially when there are children around the world who are suffering for lack of stable parents; safe, clean homes and good nutrition. Spending tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes at the risk of your life and maybe at the risk of your child's - is just *ridiculous*, when you could give comfort to many others, with just a fraction of your time, your effort, and that money.

Is 'America's Next Top Model' Winner a Surprise? (VIDEO)

Dec 2nd 2010 9:27AM I agree with the person who said Ann is very unhealthy looking. 6'2" and bony as hell. There was almost no tension in regard to the big reveal. Not that I expected Ann to win (she's so wishywashy and unconfident), the whole episode was just so blah. This show has just run out of steam. Time to retire it, Tyra!

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: British Designers Share What They Think The Future Queen Will Wear

Nov 23rd 2010 10:01AM Sassi Holford has the closest "look" that I think KM will choose. I predict the dress will be simpler and close-fitting but not immodest. It will not be strapless or completely without coverage on her arms. The train will be there but it won't be 20 ft. long. Middleton isn't into beadwork & lace so I don't think there will be a great deal of that.


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