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Sinkhole Tourism: 'It's Just Human Nature To Want To See The Hole'

Aug 8th 2013 1:49PM This happened to a guy in St. Petersburg. After he bought a six acre plot a sink hole openned up finally turning into a crater with a flat bottom.
He planted rare exotic flowering plants and shrubs until he had 5,000 varieties. Plus he built a waterfall.
So many people came to see it that he finally started charging admission to his "Florida Sunken Gardens" .

UK Passenger Jet Barely Misses UFO

May 2nd 2013 8:46PM A lot of comedians on here. I used to joke about this. But, I was curious also.
I investigated a sighting but I found nothing. I was hoping to find an artifact. I figured I could get millions for such a piece, but nothing.
Then a few months later "they" hunted me down. They tracked me to my home.
I was watering my lawn and this thing flashed a light or something at me. When I looked up there was a craft hovering there silently. I was overwhelmed with a feeling that they were my friends from my childhood but I soon realized I was in trouble and they were from another world.
I felt like I was gonna puke. That thing didn't make a sound and it cut through the air at rediculous speed without making a sonic boom. - no windows, metalic.
I'm really lucky they didn't kill me. I don't know what they are doing in the sighting area ( a bug infested swamp), and I don't care. I'm never going back there again. I was in way over my head.

Shocking Video Of A Texas Bigfoot! (Or Maybe Not)

Apr 24th 2013 6:14PM Many times I have been deep in the Florida Everglades where few people (humans) ever go. I've seen some amazing things there including snakes that stuck out of the water like sticks. On one trip I didn't see it but I sure felt like there was something just out of sight in the brush and yes it stunk like a skunk, and it wasn't a skunk.

Hangar Now Serves As A Sunny Escape (PHOTOS)

Feb 22nd 2013 7:14AM Or you could keep a blimp in there.

Hangar Now Serves As A Sunny Escape (PHOTOS)

Feb 22nd 2013 7:11AM My estate is in a place that is an actual paradise, not a blimp hangar.
My big decisions are if I want to go down to the Marina, or fish for Redfish, or take a cruise, or play golf, go for a dip on Playa Linda Beach, sit in my citrus garden which is in full bloom right now, or whatever.

Kentucky's Forbidden Donuts

Nov 20th 2012 5:58AM Here's a new one I've been working on: I take a rectangle of fresh baked puff pastry and cut it into three layers. On the first layer I arrange apricot filling and vanilla filling. On the next layer a full inch of whipped cream. Then I top it with the final layer and powdered sugar. Then a huge rosette of whipped cream and a marachino cherry. Finally, drizzled with zig-zags of chocolate syrup.
The pastry is crispy-crunchy off-set by the creamy-fruity filling. Somebody stop me!!!!

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports, But Some Will Remain

Oct 19th 2012 5:37PM My girl friend went through that. When she came out, she thought she was Marylin Monroe. No, it's ok, I like her better this way.

New Disney World Attractions To Bring Immersive Experience

Oct 18th 2012 6:03PM There's more to this than just Disney World. There is Harry Potter, Universal Studios, on and on. And just when you think you've seen it all, then there is Kennedy Space Center - you can see an actual Saturn V moon rocket, and Playa Linda Beach - take the brand new Max Brewer causeway (park your car and walk to the jag at the top, drop a coin, and make a dream) to visit that , or just South of KSC is Port Canaveral and you can take a Disney Cruise.
You can go Kayaking on the Indian River or fish for Redfish, you can dangle your feet in the surf at Cocoa Beach, you can picnic and Bar-B-Que at Jetti Park and enjoy the giant cruise ships as they depart. On and on and on. More to do and see than anywhere. You can forget the stress for awhile.

'The Hop' Takes Suitcases Hands-Free

Oct 4th 2012 6:32PM Robot suitcase I invented has wings made out of graviton matrix material, GPS guidance, and flies itself to your destination saving you the baggage fees.

China's Popular Beach Trend: The Facekini

Aug 26th 2012 2:07PM They stole that from Lance Armstrong.


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