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Renaming Your Rescue Dog

Sep 4th 2011 1:05PM Absolutely right! As I said earlier, I renamed my new rescue "Jake", not thinking (DOH) that I already have a cat named "Fate". The names are close enough sounding that we have some pretty funny confusion at the back door every morning.

Renaming Your Rescue Dog

Sep 3rd 2011 10:30PM
This article is so wrong. Years ago we got a 2 yr old German Shep from CZ
whose name was Juno. We renamed him Shadow immediately. A year
later, the Police Department he worked for started getting complaints
from a black "minister" that the dog's name was "racist", (who knew?) so we
changed it again to Max. No transition problems whatsoever.
I just adopted a 6 year old dog named SueSue. I immediately started
calling him Jake. Within 2 days, he responded to Jake.
I got my boss a German Shep puppy, whose name was Cash. ("C" litter).
He immediately renamed him Bullet. 2 years later, he thought Shadow
was a more befitting name (I thought Hemorrhoid suited him even
better) and he changed it again. Smooth transition.
The only problem I ever encountered when changing the dog's names was
that it took the humans in their lives far longer to adjust to the new name than it
did for the dogs.

Flip-Flop Feet: How to Defeat Foot Cooties and Flaunt Sexy Toes

Aug 9th 2011 10:41AM LOL! Do you wear anti-microbial feet too?

'Father Albert': 'Green Mile' actor, 51, and 16-year-old bride defend marriage

Jul 21st 2011 3:30PM May I ask WHY my sign-in boxes are en Espanol? That said, he's a dirty old man and she's a teenaged twit. Wait until she's old enough to go clubbing and all he wants is to watch TV in the comfort of his 'older-than-she-is' Easy Boy recliner!

'Jerry Springer': We Never Made Monetary Offer to Casey Anthony

Jul 8th 2011 4:08PM It'll never happen. The stipulation is that her family has to appear with her. After what her bottom feeding lawyer said about them during the trial, her parents and her brother would be fools to go on that garbage show.

William and Kate In Cowboy Hats (Photos)

Jul 8th 2011 1:02PM They do make a great couple. I love the way they always seem to be genuinely happy and having fun together. Diana would be thrilled. After this HUGE, very generous media op, I hope the press will leave them alone unless they're invited.

Oprah Winfrey's Next Role: High School Teacher!

Jul 7th 2011 3:37PM Glad she's going back to South Africa for her "teaching gig". She'll have them spewing her socialist agenda in a week.

Report: Natalie Portman's Baby Boy's Name Revealed

Jul 6th 2011 4:43PM LMAO..."Who peed in your Cheerios". That's it, I can't read anymore of these.

Katie or Rosie? Maury Povich, New King of Daytime, Predicts Who Will Succeed

Jul 6th 2011 10:15AM Is there some unwritten law that all daytime talking heads MUST be ultra left wing-progressives with a virulent liberal bent?

Katie Holmes Hosts Surprise Party for Tom Cruise's 49th Birthday

Jul 4th 2011 10:36AM Hmmm, wasn't it just about 10 days ago that reports had Katy filing for divorce? What a difference a Hollyweird week makes.


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