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Charlie Sheen To Be Roasted on Comedy Central

Jul 5th 2011 11:55PM Are you kidding? This guy's ALREADY roasted!

Missy Elliott Reveals Thyroid Disease Struggles

Jun 23rd 2011 6:19PM This is a very incomplete article. Many people who had Graves had their thyroid removed and take synthroid to compensate. Gail Devers, an Olympic gold medal sprinter, is one of them. Has this option NOT been considered for Missy?

Steven Tyler on 'American Idol': 'The Show Sucks'

May 27th 2011 8:51AM There are misleading headlines, and then there are headlines that are so intentionally misleading as to amount to lies. This one's the latter.

Pippa Middleton Makes More Waves as Bikini Pics Emerge

May 9th 2011 10:24PM Why are they "loosing" their homes? I would think tight homes would be preferable.

Sweet Amanda Seyfried Throws Parking Ticket at London Traffic Cop

Apr 8th 2011 5:40PM That should be "doe-eyed," Kiki.

Source: CBS Pondering a 'Men' Without Charlie Sheen

Feb 24th 2011 8:54AM Nancy Grace is one of life's unabashed atrocities. I'm not sure why she is hired for anything.

Look of the Day: Demi Moore

Jan 14th 2011 4:46PM In 2011, people need to get beyond the idea that 48 is old. A lot of women look fine at 48, many of them without surgery.

Should 'The Tourist' and 'Burlesque' Have Been Nominated for Best Comedy or Musical Golden Globes?

Dec 16th 2010 5:54PM As others have said, the Hollywood Foreign Press is a dubious outfit, and I can remember not too long ago when the Golden Globes were considered a joke. I'm not sure how they've suddenly achieved "prestige."
Beyond that, it's just possible that there weren't enough good films to fill up a "comedy or musical category." The alternative suggested nominations in the article were not very good films either.

Top ten overrated U.S. travel destinations/attractions

Oct 17th 2010 3:14PM Times Square is not overrated by NYC residents, who disdain it and avoid it.

Julianne Moore Is Always Crying

Sep 27th 2010 10:49PM She didn't cry in "Children of Men" either. She didn't have time. She didn't cry in that period piece she did with Rupert Everett either. She didn't cry in "Short Cuts" but she yelled.


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