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Charlie Sheen To Be Roasted on Comedy Central

Jul 5th 2011 11:55PM Are you kidding? This guy's ALREADY roasted!

Missy Elliott Reveals Thyroid Disease Struggles

Jun 23rd 2011 6:19PM This is a very incomplete article. Many people who had Graves had their thyroid removed and take synthroid to compensate. Gail Devers, an Olympic gold medal sprinter, is one of them. Has this option NOT been considered for Missy?

Steven Tyler on 'American Idol': 'The Show Sucks'

May 27th 2011 8:51AM There are misleading headlines, and then there are headlines that are so intentionally misleading as to amount to lies. This one's the latter.

Pippa Middleton Makes More Waves as Bikini Pics Emerge

May 9th 2011 10:24PM Why are they "loosing" their homes? I would think tight homes would be preferable.

Sweet Amanda Seyfried Throws Parking Ticket at London Traffic Cop

Apr 8th 2011 5:40PM That should be "doe-eyed," Kiki.

Source: CBS Pondering a 'Men' Without Charlie Sheen

Feb 24th 2011 8:54AM Nancy Grace is one of life's unabashed atrocities. I'm not sure why she is hired for anything.

Blake Griffin Jumps Over a Car, Wins 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest

Feb 20th 2011 4:09AM If he'd hit the car, he'd have wrecked his budding career in a single night. Seems a bit silly.

Kim Clijsters' Rise to Top Exposes Women's Game

Feb 15th 2011 12:51PM There's nothing wrong with having an actual adult who plays hard and smart as #1.

Super Bowl Journey Ignites Memories of JFK Assassination

Feb 4th 2011 10:13PM Actually, the Super bowl in Dallas does NOT ignite memories of JFK. The writer must have really been struggling for a different angle.

Mommy Can't Save You Now, Andy Murray

Feb 1st 2011 1:18AM He's been in three Grand Slam finals. It's not like the guy is terrible.


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