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City Where It's Now Illegal to Smoke in Your Own Home

Nov 23rd 2013 7:44AM I smoked one to two packs a day for 45 years and never thought I would quit smoking but it has been 8 years. I can't believe how bad it smells...all those years, I walked around smelling like an ashtray. I am saving myself a lot of money by not smoking, besides improving my health. I can understand some of the laws but sometimes they just go overboard on them. It is scary because so many rights are starting to be taken away from people...and I am not just talking about smoking. Pretty soon we will only be able to drive our cars every other is getting scary the way some of these laws are taking place and getting approved!

Richard and Rachel Lane Turn School Bus Into Energy-Efficient Home

Jan 9th 2013 3:41PM I love it. Why not... go for it. But, you can buy an RV for all the money they put into it and would be easier on the eye.

Family Faces Eviction Over Toddler's Noise

Feb 1st 2012 2:10PM I bet whoever did the interview had the parents posed with the child jumping on the sofa... Of course, parents are going to smile in the
photo...As to the neighbors...well, it seems perhaps they don't like
kids or the the parents and want them to move. The child may seem to be a brat to some people but I bet she more like a typical two year old.

Unreal Estate: Steven Seagal Demolishes House, Allegedly Kills Puppy

Sep 3rd 2011 11:03PM What in the world was Seagal thinking when he got into that tank... playing soldier again? He should apologize for killing the children's puppy. Hope the family wins the money...I guess Seagal will be trying out for a new reality show to keep him in front of the cameras.

Oprah Winfrey Debuts Bob

May 1st 2011 12:21AM I don't care for her but I have to say she does look great with her new hair cut... so much better than she has looked in years. She has had some horrible styles... but she does look younger with her hair cut like that.

Blonde in Lingerie and Wheelchair Gets Extensive TSA Pat Down in Oklahoma

Dec 2nd 2010 11:53PM OMG! SHE LOOKS LIKE AN OLD BARBIE DOLL! I do believe we need to have security and I don't mind waiting a few extra minutes in a line. When I flew I was always tagged to get security padded down or wanded. I am older white woman. I don't remember when I wasn't held up by security for suitecase inspection, padded down, or wanded when I flew. Oh well... part of today's world. I rathe be safe than sorry!

More Bad News for 'Outlaw'

Oct 11th 2010 8:09PM I like the should be on in the middle of the week and not Friday nights!

ABC Cancels 'My Generation' After Two Episodes

Oct 4th 2010 7:53PM I am from the older generation...Duh! But I enjoyed the show... Now we will never know what will happen to the punk lady and her soldier husband and her friend the teacher... to the beauty queen who was a bore and the couple with their son Tom... to the attorney and the bq's husband still in love with her...thought it had a nice story line... better than some of these shows...Tired of all these CSI stories and those take off of it...and Law and Order...Duh..enough is enough..what city will be next??? Done with those.

'Dancing With the Stars' Producers Defend Tonioli's Criticism of Bolton

Sep 30th 2010 6:23PM Bruno was correct in his criticism of Bolton. He is the worse dancer in all the seasons of DWTS. It looked as if he didn't even make an attempt to do the dance. To me it looked like he was didn't know what he was doing...was he high or drunk? He was lost out on that dance floor!

Heidi Klum Leaves Victoria's Secret

Sep 30th 2010 4:55PM I like Heidi and think she is moving on at the right time. She is older and still beautiful! Heidi looks fantastic for having 4 kids. She is also a very intelligent woman who knows how to make money. You may bash her but she is the one laughing all the way to the bank.


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