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U.K. Women Don't Envy Kate Middleton, AOL Survey Finds

Apr 29th 2011 10:51PM I was saddened to hear their vows included them being pronounce MAN &
they should have modernized this part of the wedding
we know he is a man and she is a women
and once you marry you become husband and wife
to have him be called MAN and her WIFE makes it sound like she is
owned by him, less valued as a human being, less rights, such a step
backwards for a women to allow this in her wedding in 2011

Royal Wedding Ceremony [PHOTOS]

Apr 29th 2011 3:30PM photo's 5 , 9 & 10 my faves

Feds Consider Limiting Potatoes Offered to Kids

Oct 23rd 2010 9:51AM 10-21-2010 @ 6:19AM
clearhoads7 said...
the biggest mistake is rice it has more starch than patatoes

if this is true then why is you always see those who work in chinese resturants eating huge piles or bowls of steamed white rice and they are thin and healthy looking ?

they are smart enough to know to not eat the fried crap like sweet n sour chicken or the lomein loaded with grease

cutting back on carbs is great for those who are already over weight or if that is all your kids want, other wise they are good for you and needed in the diet

Feds Consider Limiting Potatoes Offered to Kids

Oct 23rd 2010 9:45AM
another post said this; they have ketchup as a vegetable
wow really !!
that is insane how they must justify having condements

I see nothing wrong with offering ketchup but it should not be counted towards a part of the daily serving of veggies for kids

it is high in sugar
all things in moderation
if they vary the menu, the kids will be healthy

we do see potatoes offered alomost everyday at our school
and I am surprized the school allows this
they need to offer peas, carots, green beans, corn, broc. calif.etc
so the younger kids get to try them

and everyones taste changes over the years, what they like or dislike can change from year to year. My daughter ate broc. until she was about 4.
I even took pics because I knew there would come a day when she would not eat it and would not believe me !

Feds Consider Limiting Potatoes Offered to Kids

Oct 23rd 2010 9:19AM wow really no potatoes for those with wic I can not believe they allowed this to happen. Potatoes are a great food option for children something they willa ctually eat. They go into stew, along side a roast, and there are endless side dishes and they are cheap and filling. A much better option then a stack of pancakes loaded up with margirine and sugar syrup !!
Did wic also ban people from going to baery out lets and loading up on crap food ? I bet they can buy boxed cakes and cookies and snacks still ? I don't know but I wonder ??
as for the schools, also a bad move, again something kids will eat. I can see limiting the hasbrown and tater tots to once a week they are loaded with grease ! even though the schools bake them

Playground Slide So Dangerous It Has a Security Guard

Oct 23rd 2010 9:11AM they need to put down some thick foam like matts like most playgrounds have at the end of slides and under swings, then top it off with lots of mulch. If it is still to hard of a hit when they land then the city should remove the frickin thing ! Heck of alot cheaper to remove it then to pay someone to guard it 24/7 that is just insane. I can not believe that this has not come up at a town hall meetng....the extreme waste of the tax payers money !!

No More Pumping in the Bathroom: New Law Requires Private Nursing Space for Moms

Jul 1st 2010 9:28AM I think if they take ime off the job to pump they eed to make it up during the day sometime. Maybe skip other breaks, part of lunch, or come in earlier the next day or stay later that night.

That wouls only be fair to everyone.

Get Ready for Spawn of the Double Down

Jun 29th 2010 12:01PM I agree , it seems like this company is not being run very well at all these days !
they need to hire some real managers and pay them well so they make sure a good food product goes out !

The chicken is usually over cooked, and the potato wedges are always old, they usually don't even have extra crispy chicken ready !
We still like the mashed taters and gravy though ;-)

they need more sides, why would they get rid of macaroni salad and why don't they have potato salad ? People want these for picnics NOT Mac N Cheese, or hot potatoes !

They should offer cold sides for the summer months !

Get Ready for Spawn of the Double Down

Jun 29th 2010 11:04AM sweet Hawaiian bread
GREAT idea, no one else uses this and it is soooooo good !
have had buns and bread before

Skinny Jeans, Hoodies, and Cargo Pants Banned for High School Students in Scranton, PA

Jun 27th 2010 2:21PM why only skinny jeans ? that is just goofy
some schools say no jeans, but sayong skinny makes no sence
they can wear boot cut or flaired bottoms just as TIGHT !

hoodies I know they ban so kids can't hide under them if they are getting into trouble ! they want to SEE their faces, clearly !

cargo 's ?


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