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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Exchange 'I Love You's in Public

Jun 29th 2011 11:07PM lol, its so awesome though, obviously its just stupid high school puppy love, so when they break up he'll be all sad and go away for a while, and she will too

Shia LaBeouf: 'Am I An A**hole for Being Honest?'

Jun 29th 2011 11:02PM transformers 3 will open up with over 100 million....but yea, hes droppin crap....and also spielberg is a huge fan of his, so yea...he wont have a good career.....idiot

Warner Bros. Settles 'Hangover 2' Tattoo Lawsuit

Jun 21st 2011 5:11PM uhhhmmmm...if a tattoo artists draws something for someone, which happens OFTEN, then technically the art is the art of said tattoo artist, the person it is on is simply the canvas...but tyson's tattoo is tribal, which means its definitely NOT unique in any way

Insider: Paris Hilton Blames Network for Bad Ratings

Jun 7th 2011 2:51AM yea, i would say i cant wait until the kardashians end up like her, with nobody caring to watch them anymore, cuz it will happen....but when it does there will just be some other annoying, spoiled, rich brat getting all the attention

Surprised to See Exes Scarlett and Sean Out Together? Don't Be (Photo)

Jun 7th 2011 2:47AM yea, except theres a rteally good chance it was just a rebound, since they both recently split from the partners....and being able to remain friends is called maturity...youll probably learn a little bit about that once you graduate elementary school

Jason Sudeikis Proves Better Awards Host Than Gervais, Hathaway, Franco

Jun 7th 2011 2:37AM well hes on snl so hes funnier than you could ever imagine being, i think he was good, the article just simpley stated that he wasnt too offensive to anyone and still did a good job, i heard the audience laugh a bunch of hes better than chris rock, who spends the whole time with his lame and worn out "ill make fun of white people cuz im black and a black man cant do the same things a white man can" routine

Did Reese Witherspoon Slam Blake Lively in MTV Award Speech?

Jun 7th 2011 2:28AM is she would just sing she would be playing in local bars, she has an ok voice but shes not talented enough to be famous without a gimmick, obviously....the costumes is what made her rich, and what will ultimately lead to her being irrelevant in 5 years, cuz its lame

Fox News Confuses Sarah Palin and Tina Fey in Graphic Gaffe (Video)

Jun 7th 2011 2:19AM palin really should go away but who cares how she felt about paul revere, thats so irrelevant its not even, vanilla ice is more relevant

Naomi Campbell Receives Apology for 'Racist' Cadbury Chocolate Ad

Jun 5th 2011 2:26PM lol, the ad said "move over naomi, theres a new diva in town," and shes upset being described as chocolate, even though it never said naomi is chocolate or anything even close, yea, she's not trying to get publicity at all, if i was cadbury id tell her to go f*** herself


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