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Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 29th 2011 2:38PM Not a good look for her especially at a royal wedding, top to bottom it was disastrous mess.

Teacher Entangled in Slavery Binding Lesson

Dec 9th 2008 8:29PM Back in 1978 when I was in 8th grade, I had a history teacher who after the movie Roots came out, attempted to teach us about slavery. He took the dimension of a slave ship that he had read about and taped off the gym floor. He showed us drawings of how the slaves were loaded on in the bottom of the ships, all laying in different directions, on each other etc. With chains on their feet. He used ropes tied to the ankles of 218 students in the 7th-8th grades. We all lied there for over 20 minutes as he lectured us about the conditions of the slaves during their passage from Africa to America.

All of our parents knew that this was going to be done. Not one parent complained. We actually watched the movie Roots for over 2 weeks in class. And we had a professor from the college come and talk to us about Slavery in America.

That was SO profound of a lesson that to this day, I can remember what was taught. And I used that lesson to teach my children about how this nation was built. The way slaves were mistreated. Unfortunately I feel, we as a nation are so hyper-sensitive, thinking everyone is out to get us. Instead of seeing the lesson for what it was meant to be taught.

Teaching is hard, and teacher have it rough enough dealing with the students. Then they have to deal with parents who want to complain about the lesson, instead of being part of the education process.

Hot Seat: Palin's Clothes

Oct 24th 2008 1:27AM A male candidate can wear a black suit or a navy blue suit and switch a tie or a shirt. Over and over, but if she wore ANY outfit more than once, or a cheaper outfit over and over, people would be all over her.

When was the last time someone mentioned about that nice Armani suit that Biden had on at the rally? Look how the press treated Hilary Clinton on wearing pants suits. Enough of the assaults already.

And both campaigns are raking in so much money and spending it absolutely foolishly. I can't question there spending, but I'll be damned if it is my money, that's why I don't donate.

Fatman Scoop and Shanda: 'Man and Wife' Part 1 and 2

Oct 15th 2008 6:07PM I enjoy this show. The way they bring the subject and let people know it is OKAY to talk about sex, especially in a relationship. My 3 children 20, 21& 27 all watch and were talking about it and when I told them we watched the show too, they were surprised and it opened up a very unique conversation that lasted over 2 hours. Even after several of their friends came over and got involved in the conversation. One even said there was NO WAY his parents would ever talk to him about sex or answer his questions and he is 22 years old. That is the problem with America we don't listen to our children or talk enough about the subject they need answers too. Scoop and Shanda keep up the good work. We will be watching!!!!


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