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Pippa Middleton Inspires New Butt-Lifting Surgery

May 18th 2011 9:39AM I used to have a figure like their's but marriage, children and time will always change it. You'll see.

Makeover Diaries: Aging Gracefully With a Little Help

Mar 15th 2011 5:45PM Her hair looks much darker in the 'after' picture than in the 'before' although she says she went a few shades lighter. Just how yellow were her teeth before she whitened them? We can't see them. There's just not enough difference in her appearance to make such an issue of this. Is this an advertisement for Radiesse? Seems so!

The Five Telltale Signs of Poor Plastic Surgery

Aug 28th 2010 4:23PM I've noticed that it just might be better for movie stars to age gracefully without cosmetic surgery. Those who have, especially actresses in England, seem to keep working. True, they get parts as mothers and grandmothers, but they don't fade away as the stretched-skinned, wind tunnel looking actresses do when you really can't put them in a specific age group. I'm almost 70 and had a nose job when I was about 21, but that's it for me. (I just hated my nose!) I have pictures of myself as a baby, little girl, teenager, bride, mother and grandmother. I'd like to have pictures of myself, hopefully, as a very old lady without any touch-ups to chronicle my life.

Hairstyles by Face Shape: The Perfect Haircut for a Round Face With Fine and Thinning Hair

Jun 21st 2010 2:05AM The new haircut makes her neck look shorter and her face fatter.

Michelle Obama and the Arms Debate

Mar 4th 2009 4:42PM Our new first lady is not an old frump with sagging arms. She is young and vibrant, has beautiful arms and there's nothing indecent about showing them. Let's just worry about getting our country back on track and stop nitpicking about what Michelle Obama wears, for Pete's sake!!


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