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Chinese Tourist Vandalizes Egyptian Temple, Pisses Off China

May 28th 2013 2:19PM I was in DC for the Memorial Day weekend and saw many Chinese. What I found them to be was rode. They cut through a crowd as if you were not their, they cut you off in the buffet line in the hotels. They are very rode people, they think they own everything.

A Message From the Team

Dec 21st 2012 7:07AM There has been a ban on automatic ( MACHINE GUN ) weapons for decade. The only place you will find them is in the military and police department. The SS that protects they have those cute little UZi which are automatics.
What happened last Friday was a direct result of this countries mental health rules.
I have own a similar weapon for 20 year and it has not fired on it own in that time.

Flight Attendant Confesses Ups And Downs Of Job

Dec 5th 2012 12:15PM I am in the mile high club, three time.

Monserrate Shirley, Indianapolis Homeowner Whose House Exploded, Bereft Over Tragedy

Nov 15th 2012 10:33AM Yea like blame the woman.
It was more then likely the ex husband, he had the most to gain. His ex wife living in their former home with a new boyfriend. Bet he was also paying half the morgage. He wanted out of that and if she was there he would have gotten out of the divorce agreement also.

Toni Braxton's Foreclosed Mansion Up for Sale for $1.1 Million

Nov 14th 2012 10:43AM To bad Toni but that what happens when you over buy. I don't feel sorry for any of these celebs or athletes that buy big and lose out.

Cache Of Severed Hands Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Palace

Aug 13th 2012 11:40AM Sorry to burst your bubble Allen but Hammuirbis code date back to 1700 BC, this site is around 1600 BC the code was created 100 years before.

Cache Of Severed Hands Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Palace

Aug 13th 2012 11:04AM Actually they were more then likely the hands of thiefs that is why the right only. If there were and left it could be there second offense.

Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister

Jul 27th 2012 2:47PM When are we going to stop these liberials from screw ing up the country.
She got drunk, no one rammed the booze down her throat, she is of legal drinking age correct. No one force her to slide down the rail did they. Gee maybe her parent should be blamed for letting their daughter out the door that night.

Spiderwebs blanket Australian tourist stopover

Mar 7th 2012 1:53PM Not the was only in a barn. What I am thinking is about an entire town being covered.

Spiderwebs blanket Australian tourist stopover

Mar 7th 2012 1:03PM Wasn't there a movie made of this some years back.


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