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Monserrate Shirley, Indianapolis Homeowner Whose House Exploded, Bereft Over Tragedy

Nov 15th 2012 10:33AM Yea like blame the woman.
It was more then likely the ex husband, he had the most to gain. His ex wife living in their former home with a new boyfriend. Bet he was also paying half the morgage. He wanted out of that and if she was there he would have gotten out of the divorce agreement also.

Toni Braxton's Foreclosed Mansion Up for Sale for $1.1 Million

Nov 14th 2012 10:43AM To bad Toni but that what happens when you over buy. I don't feel sorry for any of these celebs or athletes that buy big and lose out.

HUD Renegs on Letting Evicted 101-Year-Old Return Home

Jan 23rd 2012 3:00PM They did not fix my home, why should they fix hers.

Home Demolition Reveals Stash of Cash and Generous Heart

Dec 20th 2011 1:17PM Watch the government wants part of it, if not all.

Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

Oct 11th 2011 8:54AM Good thing he put it on wheels. The local zone czar can't tax it and can't inspect it.

Emma Stone | Style Evolution

Aug 12th 2011 7:45AM If you don't see thong then it ain't high enough.

Demi Moore Stars in Ann Taylor's Latest Ad (PHOTOS)

Aug 2nd 2011 1:19PM If any one had plastic work done it is Demi Moore for sure.

Sandra Bullock's Evolving Style (PHOTOS)

Jul 26th 2011 1:09PM Why do people insist on wearing outfits that require cleavage to look good and they don't have any.

Jennifer Aniston's Affinity for Mini Dresses [Gallery]

Jul 8th 2011 9:11AM She has a great pair of legs in a mini, goes along with the rest of her body. Now if she could actually act then I would watch her more.

Snap Judgment: Hailee Steinfeld at the Premiere of "Cars 2"

Jun 21st 2011 1:24PM Ugly shoes, just plane UUUGly.


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