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alice carpenter

alice carpenter

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This Royal Wedding Bridesmaid Is Not Happy

Apr 29th 2011 6:23PM did not watch it .it was not all that important to me .They are not Gods.

Royal Wedding Guests: Who's Coming? Who's Busy?

Apr 11th 2011 12:58PM That was ugly comment.if u do not care just ignore it.

Elizabeth Olsen Steals Sundance

Jan 24th 2011 3:56PM she is preetier than her sisters but she does resemble them

Angelina Jolie Refuses to Celebrate Thanksgiving, Feels It's a 'Story of Murder'

Nov 24th 2010 9:58PM If she does not like what we do in America let her leave and good ridance to her and Brad Pit and all the rest that does not like American ways ,let them leave too.

Maury Povich and Connie Chung in New Jersey, Estate of the Day

Oct 18th 2010 6:34PM yep I would take it in a minute and then sell it and buy one in my home town.I watch him if the program is not to bad.I would rather watch Jimmy Swaggart tho and I do all day long and my life is much better

Fannie Mae Wants You to

Oct 12th 2010 9:46PM Ihave lived in our home for 4 yrs, Never missed a payment.We were financed thruwamu and chase bought them out.Wealways paid our taxes when we got our income tax check but when the mortgage was changed they paid our taxes .There for it put us in a bad cityation because they added taxes on our payment ,there for we could not pay that much.Our payments went from 682. to 1100.00 and I was out of work for a while due to the econamy my job was so slow.We have sent everything we can for a loan modification and they keep sending the same thing over and over again ,wanting the same thing.We are at our wits end and donot know what to.

30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage: An Endangered Species? (Part 1)

Sep 9th 2010 2:02PM I am 77 yrs. old and believe me I have seen so many of houseing projects turn from a beautiful place into a drug infected place wth every kind of oerson you could imagine and I think O bahma cares for hiself only and nothing about this world or the people in it.Believe me while he sits in the white house these people will be sitting rat and cick roach in fected with drugs drunks prostitutes and anything goes in them.Your children will be afraid to play outside.My Mom lived in a beautiful hoseing project but in 10 yrs every filth in the world moved in ,t was no fit for a dog.

Bedbugs Are Back

Aug 19th 2010 4:57PM 60 yrs ago we had bed bugs but we moved .when I grew up I bought a new bed room suit and I covered the the inner springs with a flea killer called one spot and never got any bed bugs,if you lift the corner of your mattres where it is sewn together,if you have them they will be there.I pray I never see another one .the last one i seen I was 10 yrs old,67 yrs ago

Crystal Bowersox Finds Success in Motherhood

Jul 15th 2010 9:29AM good luck crystal and you did the right thing.

Life Imitates Art for Gaga But Has She Gone Too Far?

Jun 24th 2010 10:20AM GaGa is so ugly in the face that her body is all she has to show.I would not give the respect to put Lady on to her name.She is no Lady and I pray God will save her soul for He died for us all and we make that choice HEVEN OR HELL.


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