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World War II Vet John Potter, 91, Faces Eviction by Daughter

Apr 25th 2013 7:10PM Stories like this make me physically ill. The utter greed & hunger for money that people possess is despicable. This man is 91 years old & she is trying to evict him? If that eviction goes through, he should hire about 10 large, burly men with sledgehammers to knock every wall in the house down, put holes in the floors & destroy whatever's left so she'll have to spend more than what the house is worth to fix everything. She's a rag.

Homeowner Susie Salazar Loses Insurance Policy Over Pit Bull

Mar 23rd 2013 2:11PM Insurance companies make me sick. They'll take your premiums for decades, then reject your claim & cancel your policy over something. If there was nothing written in this woman's policy, or if she was never sent anything from the insurance company with respect to dog breeds, then she's got a great lawsuit on her hands. We are being manipulated & screwed over by insurance companies: health insurance, auto insurance, homeowner's insurance. There is no regulation over insurance companies, which is bad. Rather than just canceling a homeowner's policy over a pit bull, what the insurance companies should do is just put a clause in the policy that states that no injuries/damages resulting from dog bites FROM ANY BREED will be covered. People freak out over pit bulls & Rottweilers, but any dog can bite if provoked or threatened. It's not the dog's fault or its owner's fault if there is a 2 year old kid yanking on its ears or taunting or threatening it to where it bites out of fear. Instead of trashing the breed, we need to start trashing the people who CAUSE the dogs to bite.

Squatter Andre Barbosa Lives in $2.5 Million House in Boca Raton for Free

Jan 27th 2013 2:46PM Well, it doesn't look as if the house is in ill repair---he seems to be taking care of it. And I doubt that BOA gives a crap because the house is being maintained. Until BOA gets what they want for it, this guy will continue to live there. The neighbors are just jealous. I would think that eventually BOA will auction the house since it was a foreclosure--but it could take months for that to happen. If there is a law of "adverse possession" supporting him, no one can really do much about it. However, I find it hard to believe that BOA can't evict him. They are the legal owners, and should be able to come right in, change the locks and prevent him from entering. It just seems like because there are so many foreclosures in Florida, things like this are not being attended to by the bank. BOA probably has tens of thousands of foreclosures to deal with---many I'm sure that are older than this. It sounds like this guy is a bit of a head case, but he isn't bothering anybody.

Troy Donovan and His Wife, Dayna, Find Squatters Living in Their Littleton, Colo., Home

Jul 15th 2012 3:19PM The problem in this country is that our government & legal system does not advocate for the plaintiff. It is a system that is so hung up on "Innocent until proven guilty" that it has moved to the side of utter absurdity in favor of the guilty parties. Why on earth this family had to wage a legal war & spend God only knows how much money to get back in to their own home is downright unreal and ridiculous. If it were me, I would have gone into that home, changed the locks and threw all their stuff out into the garbage pile. "Abandonment" does not mean draining the pipes, moving somewhere else for employment reasons & keeping it on the market for sale. The court & legal system is so f***ed up, it is unbelievable. Our country & our "system" has become a laughing stock to every other country in this world. The simple fact that our own president & national government is not only overlooking very clear immigration laws that state a crime has been committed when someone enters this country illegally, they are fighting the states that want to actually act on implemented laws to protect their own land!! Soon, somebody that murders in cold blood won't be considered a criminal---they'll overlook those laws too.

Getting Fired Wasn't Your Choice -- What You Do Now Is

Feb 22nd 2011 7:58PM This guy is a "#1 Best Selling author"??? He sounds like somebody writing after they smoked a spleef!! Backpack around the world?? Is this guy addressing 21 year old kids that just graduated from college or people past their 40's and 50's who have gotten laid off and who have children and mortgages and car payments and utility bills? Read books, for Christ's sake? This guy is a dope. Most people who have worked in their field for any period of time have done so either A.), because they went to college for it, or B.) because they learned how to do their job from being in that position for so long---therefore, getting a job in another field is almost impossible unless you go back to college to learn how to do something else. And, guess what? College costs MONEY!! LOTS OF MONEY!! This jackass most likely has no commitments, no house to pay off, no kids to feed---he probably just float from place to place, tries to write a few books about subjects noboy gives a sh*t about, and likes to give "advice" to others to be as happy as he is, living in hostels and eating rice and beans every day. Give me a break!!! Maybe this guy should come back to the real world and see how it is---or better yet, put in a few job applications and see how many interviews and job offers he gets!!

Ask an Expert: I Have a Criminal Record and Nobody Will Hire Me

Feb 22nd 2011 7:18PM Just for your information, K3ROJ, your Republican "hero" George Bush had a DWI conviction in his past, which constitutes a "crime"---and, you probably voted him into the highest job anybody could get in the United States!! Perhaps you should have thought about that before you voted for him!!! Just more proof regarding the types that are "die hard" Republicans and who will bash Democrats---dumb as a box of rocks!!! Just makes me laugh even harder.........

Kate Middleton Lacks Style, Says Vivienne Westwood

Feb 22nd 2011 3:09PM I guess Westwood hasn't heard that "haute couture" is not really the style at Kensington Palace, classic and classy are!!! I highly doubt that the future Queen of England would choose to dress in any of the crap that Westwood produces---it's hideous.

Do Sleepy Pilots Threaten Air Safety?

Feb 10th 2011 1:18PM Well, when people become pilots, they are well aware of this situation---that they may need to rent out a room in a "crash pad" because their "home" airport may not be within a reasonable area of where they live that is a commutible distance. This is not a new thing---pilots have done this for years! The fact that pilots are very tired has more to do with their lifestyles than with their sleeping accomodations. As far as Norwegian pilots being tired and sleepy, perhaps it has something to do with the daylight/nighttime light patterns there? If it is daylight for 24 hours a day where they live, and then they get in a plane and up in the air and all of a sudden it is dark, of course they are going to fall asleep! So, what's the solution to that one? I thought that the FAA already had mandatory rest periods between flights anyway, and limits to the length of time a pilot can fly. If pilots are trying to "catch up on sleep" in airport lounges, then that's their problem. Plus, I don't think that just because you see a pilot sleeping in a lounge means that they are "catching up on sleep"---maybe their flight home got delayed or canceled and they are waiting for the next one. If that happened to a passenger, that passenger would most likely take a nap too. When flight crews stay overnight anywhere, they stay in hotel rooms---they aren't forced to sleep in an airport lounge! If they are waiting around for their next flight, then that is a normal day of work, isn't it? At least they are getting to take a nap---I don't know of too many jobs where you can nap in the middle of your shift. Furthermore, the fact that airlines are cutting so many flights make the "commute" for pilots and flight crew much harder than it used to be---they used to be able to hop on flights and ride in the jump seats or "non-rev", but since so many flights have been canceled or re-routed, the planes are full and cannot accomodate "non-rev" fliers. I also don't think that they can sit in the jump seats anymore either. So, the FAA and the airlines themselves are trying to blame "sleeping accomodations" for the reason why pilots are tired, instead of taking any responsibility for turning their commutes into nightmares because so many flights have been canceled and re-routed. How typical.

Airlines Add Fuel Surcharges

Feb 3rd 2011 12:03PM Give me a break--fuel surcharge? Just like another poster said, I thought the cost of the airfare covered the fuel costs? The airline industry's quality has gone down so much over the past 10 or so years, it is a sad thing. Never on time, extra costs and fees for luggage and drinks, and dirty planes. It is a necessary evil for some, especially if you have to travel for your job or want to go on vacation in a far away place. And, it is correct that the big execs are only accountable to the sockholders, not to the passengers---if the stockholders don't make any money, the execs lose their jobs. So, guess who they're trying to make happy?

The Rich are Happy but Not Unscathed

Feb 2nd 2011 3:14PM Well, there has never been any solid proof that giving the wealthy tax breaks creates jobs. People that own businesses look for the cheapest labor they can find, so that they take more money home---that is just how it is. And, the cheapest labor is NOT in America, it is in 3rd world countries. That is why on all the tags that are on the clothes you wear say "Made in Malaysia" "Made in China" "Made in the Phillipines" "Made in Thailand"---because these people work for 5 cents an hour! Why pay an American $8.50 an hour when you can pay a Malaysian 5 cents an hour to produce the same product? The "ultra rich" have been affected by the economy mainly in their investments--when the big banks collapsed, their investments took a huge hit and that's all they complain about.


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