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kate middleton honeymoon housewife

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wants to take on a slightly more modest title -- housewife. The newlywed has decided not to become a full-time working royal immediately following the wedding. Instead, she will focus on being an "ordinary RAF wife," the Daily Mail reports.

Her husband Prince William works as a search-and-rescue pilot at RAF [Royal Air Force] Valley in Anglesey, where the couple rents a farmhouse. And, according to the U.K. newspaper, he has asked aides to keep his new wife's commitments to a minimum to help ease her transition into public life. Presumably, William's reservations stem from his late mother Princess Diana's struggles with the sudden fame and attention of being a royal.

Besides two or three scheduled events with William, the duchess plans to spend most of her time at home. Aides have told the Mail that she is refusing to conduct any engagements without the prince for up to two years, although they claim she "will not be idle." She reportedly wants to model herself after Camilla Parker-Bowles, who plays only a "supporting role" to Prince Charles.

"It's so rare that someone in her position gets the chance to live as a normal wife and she intends to make the most of it," a friend told the publication.

Every year, the royal family carries out over 2,000 official appointments throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide, according to the British Monarchy web site. Because of their military service, Princes William and Harry are exempt from full-tie duties, but do take part in important national events and commemorations. Since graduating from St. Andrew's in 2005, Kate has held only one part-time job, as an accessories buyer for London store Jigsaw.

As for Prince William, he returned to work this week after spending a weekend away in an undisclosed location with his new wife. According to the Mail, the newlyweds' honeymoon, which will take place in mid-May, involves a ten-day stay on a secret island in the Indian Ocean at a cost of over $6500 a night.

"It's one of the most incredible places you will ever visit and Kate will have the time of her life," a source told the paper. "It's everything you could want from a honeymoon destination and more -- beautiful beaches, tropical seas and complete privacy."

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  • Wilma

    Why on earth would Kate want to model herself after HORSE FACE Camilla??????

  • Randy

    you are very short sighted. First of all, the Royal Family DOES bring in BILLIIONS of pounds every year as a result of tourism, etc. Secondly, the Royals do work...they do work for charities. As for the President spending money, he does not spend money. The White House is run by the National Parks Service. The National Parks Service works with a foundation to redecorate the White House private living quarters for the first family. The first family cannot change anything in the public rooms of the White House. It's a museum. While the NPS decorates the private quarters for the first family, you have to remember that the family live in a gilded cage. They do not have the privilege to come and go as they please. They have to check with the Secret Service when they want to leave the White House. Why shouldn't they have the right to decorate their home as they want for the 4 to 8 years that they reside there? As for the Royals, they get paid by the govt. to run the palaces...but these palaces house offices and also are museums. They generate income for the British Govt. You would do well to do some research on issues so you can speak intelligently rather than running your mouth and proving your ignorance.

  • Vanessa

    I would have liked to have seen the $400,000 the Middleton parents chipped in for this wedding go to an organization to help feed the poor and provide care for health needs of "the people'. Spending $50,000 on champagne and $6,500 a night for a 10 day excursion on a remote island is ridiculous. Why not opt for the small private nuptials like ancestors Victoria and Albert and put the money to use where it is needed. Proud to be American....

  • Pete

    Lucky lady. Wish I could just shrink away from life's rat race and bask in the security and indulgence of royal life.

  • Linda

    Just love the way William is watching over and protecting Kate from what Di had to deal with when she was married to Charles..he really loves Kate. So very sweet. I think these two shall be just fine. I just love them already!

  • kenneth

    Prince William have the right to choose what ever lifestyle they want. The only problem is that i feel the Queen will pass the crown to William within the next two years. The queen is now 85 and wants to make sure the crown does not go to prince Charles. The queen will also want to be around to help kate with the transition to queen.

  • Sharonlynn

    Apparently, my previous comments are misinformed. It is my understanding that the Queen has her own money that she has earned for herself from her own private investments, as well as Prince Charles. She pays for her own lifestyle however, the government will provide finances to her when attending public functions. It's my understanding, the government doesn't provide much. So, my big mistake. At least I can admit when I'm wrong.

  • Sharonlynn

    One last thing I am going to add....I think William and Catherine are indeed a beautiful couple. She was a beautiful bride and you have to admit, the couple make for a new beautiful fairytale. There is something about the Duke and Duchess that seems genuine, caring and natural and good for England. God Bless Them Both!

  • Richard

    Kate is sure a good looking broad.. OH BABY !

  • thinkingperson

    How uncouth of you to make a comment like that! Shame on you!!

  • thesby

    i see why barack couldn't attend the wedding even if he were invited.he had to take care of business which happened last sunday!

  • mark

    HE DID NOTHING BUT WATCH IT ON CLOSED CIRCUIT TV. in fact he looked very disturbed when he had to tell the people osama was killed.

  • bob

    President Obama didn't just 'watch the show on TV'. He made the decision about the manner in which the mission was to be carried out - and gave the order to execute it! The military favored a 2000 lb bomb. Sure, credit for its success goes first to the men who carried his orders out, and to the President, at whose desk 'the buck stops'/
    You would have spared no effort to blame him - not the military - had the mission failed.
    (Just like many people - including possibly yourself - blamed President Carter for the failure of the mission to resuce the hostages in Iran, which, in my opinion, was just poor military planning).

  • Peggy 22

    Don't kid yourself !! Obama and the Baboon were never invited at all. Quit trying to make excuses for them not being at the wedding. I am sure the Queen had no intention of ever inviting them to anything again after the Baboon patted the Queen on the back and Obama gave her the ipad with all of his speeches on it. They just made asses of themselves. William and Kate are warm beautiful people and I wish them all the best. They are one great couple.

  • thesby

    i second that!them royal creeps are living off british tax payers money!

  • L.A.

    "Thesby" . . . Besides being very negative, you need some help with your grammar . . . "That them" is incorrect . . . That THOSE . . . is correct . . . Also, the "b" in British, is capitalized.

  • rayje

    Kate is the new shinning star of our Royal Palace. Hail to the Duchess of Cambridge. Hail Britania.

  • IntlTrvler

    If it weren't for The Royal Family Great Britain would be just another European Country. They are what attract the billion dollar tourist industry. It keeps a great many people employed and off the dole. I think that Prince William and Princess Kate make a splendid couple and will make wonderful Monarchs when their time comes. I hope Queen Elizabeth abdicates in favor of William so Charles never ascends the throne with Camilla. He was the cause of ruining a beautiful life in Dianna.

  • Cheeta

    If Catherine is taking advice from Camilla, I am really surprised. It seems that William would prefer to keep a distance between her and his family. After all, she was in the background for all the problems that came of his parents' separation and divorce. I am surprised that " peace in the family" has to come at their expense. Catherine is a beautiful young women and is already a woman in her own right without the need of assistance from anyone, as I think William is able to help her with situations that will eventually erupt. And with the Queen close at hand, it seems to me that would be the person to confide in since she will be guiding Kate in her future duties.
    I am eager to see William take the throne. He will do a great job. I think he is liberal enough to share his and Kate's life openly with the country folks.

  • LT



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