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kate middleton honeymoon housewife

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wants to take on a slightly more modest title -- housewife. The newlywed has decided not to become a full-time working royal immediately following the wedding. Instead, she will focus on being an "ordinary RAF wife," the Daily Mail reports.

Her husband Prince William works as a search-and-rescue pilot at RAF [Royal Air Force] Valley in Anglesey, where the couple rents a farmhouse. And, according to the U.K. newspaper, he has asked aides to keep his new wife's commitments to a minimum to help ease her transition into public life. Presumably, William's reservations stem from his late mother Princess Diana's struggles with the sudden fame and attention of being a royal.

Besides two or three scheduled events with William, the duchess plans to spend most of her time at home. Aides have told the Mail that she is refusing to conduct any engagements without the prince for up to two years, although they claim she "will not be idle." She reportedly wants to model herself after Camilla Parker-Bowles, who plays only a "supporting role" to Prince Charles.

"It's so rare that someone in her position gets the chance to live as a normal wife and she intends to make the most of it," a friend told the publication.

Every year, the royal family carries out over 2,000 official appointments throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide, according to the British Monarchy web site. Because of their military service, Princes William and Harry are exempt from full-tie duties, but do take part in important national events and commemorations. Since graduating from St. Andrew's in 2005, Kate has held only one part-time job, as an accessories buyer for London store Jigsaw.

As for Prince William, he returned to work this week after spending a weekend away in an undisclosed location with his new wife. According to the Mail, the newlyweds' honeymoon, which will take place in mid-May, involves a ten-day stay on a secret island in the Indian Ocean at a cost of over $6500 a night.

"It's one of the most incredible places you will ever visit and Kate will have the time of her life," a source told the paper. "It's everything you could want from a honeymoon destination and more -- beautiful beaches, tropical seas and complete privacy."

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  • mary

    Unless the new Duchess gets pregnant, I think being mostly out of the spotlight for about two years is never going to happen. If you want to be 'just a housewife,' you don't marry a future King. I think this is wishful thinking on both William and Catherine's part. I think she'll do fine in the public eye, she's not Diana, she's older and more educated, plus she'd had 10 years leading up to her new role, and more importantly, she has a supportive husband and Prince - unlike Diana.

  • kdnorcutt

    The only thing that could disrupt this two year plan si when the queen makes Prince William King. I feel this will happen sooner that most people think.

  • Bob

    As far as I know, it isn't up to Queen Elibath II to 'make Prince William King'. Succession to the throne is determined by birth. If the Queen abdicates (which I don't think she will), or when she dies (they seem to have longgevity) then her son Prince Charles (father of Prince William) - if he is still alive - will become King of England. Then the law of succession continuous on to Prince William.

  • kenneth

    Bob. the Queen and give up here thrown any time she wants. Look how long ago Queen mom gave the thrown to Queen Elizabeth 2. The Queen and the peole do not want Charles to have it. It will be agreed it passes through Charles to William and at that point William will make Kate is queen. A queen and not make a King but a King and make a queen. Look at Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

  • Kate

    This is more in reply to Bob and Kenneth. It is true that there is a line of succession that the Queen does not have any say over. However, this case is a little different. One of the Rules governing succession is that a Divorced man/woman cannot be KingQueen nor the Husband/wife of a divorced man/woman. This is because the Monarch in England is also Head of the Church Of England. That's why Elizabeth's Uncle had to give up his claim to the throne and how her Father became King. He married a divorced woman. So with both Charles and Camilla divorced, He does not qualify to become King. If he takes the throne it would be illegal and against the Rules of the Church and the Monarchy.
    To Kenneth I want to add that the Queen mom never gave up the throne to Elizabeth. The Queen mum was Queen consort...meaning that she was married to the King but was not in line for the throne...It does not go to the spouse of the Monarch but to the first born son, if there isn't a son then to the eldest Daughter. Since they had only two daughters Elizabeth became Queen but the spouse of the Queen never becomes King (King is a higher title than Queen) but the wife of the King does become Queen consort.



  • Carol Ann Benjamin

    Kate will do just fine. I think she smart deciding to take her new life one step at a time!

  • cat5400

    Her heart is in the right place I guess...but I doubt it will last for two years. She is going to be Queen or whatever her title will then be....she is now a public figure.

  • shirl

    she's smart ,beautiful and happy.she's just listening to the wrong person,remember what camilla did to diana

  • maria1963

    I bet a lot of newly wed women would just love to be housewives, but unfortunately, they can't do that because most people in order to afford anything in this world, they both have to work. Must be nice to know that you will never have to worry about $ ever again.

  • valentine

    it would be nice to pick and choose what to do with one's life and i agree with you most of us do have to work .... if we can even land a job at this time and have no fear of losing a home.

    i would really like to see the royals and, especially, the american so-called "celebrities" physically contribute to non-profit organizations such as meals on wheels, homeless shelters and no-kill animal shelters. it would perhaps humble them a bit, lessen their arrogance and instill an appreciation for their own luxuries.

  • L.A.

    My understanding is that Kate's parents are millionaires, although commoners. So . . . Her biggest transformation is from "private" life to royal life . . . More emotional changes than financial, for her.

  • Gegee

    Maria 1963, I am sorry you feel this way, but you see this generation WANTS EVERYTHING. When I got married, we didn't dive into credit cards, we paid for what we wanted in cash. I stayed home and raised 4 children and loved every single minute of it, I had dinner on the table at 5:15, I cleaned everyday, spent time with my kids and after dinner and cleaning up my husband and I spent time alone together. Everyone had a share of me and I was more then happy to do it. I never felt used,as a parent or a wife. I just didn't want alot of debt,so I saved for what we wanted or needed.I have children in your age bracket, a daughter 50, a son 44, a daughter 40 and a son 39,so I do know what i'm talking about. I've had 2 kids file for bankrupsy because they wanted to do things there way. So yes it does take 2 pay checks now a days to live. None of my kids listened about a "rainy day", well now they are hit by it and they need to be thankful that at my age 70 and my husbands 73, that we don't need to turn to them and still have something left over for them. I do understand where you are coming from. God Bless you Maria.

  • Phyllis

    Kate should watch out for Camilla, mybe thats a good thing to stay at the farm and be a housewife.*

  • Sharonlynn

    You British people will never learn. Do away with the Royal family and funnel that money back into your own pockets. You'll have a much bigger paycheck if you would only stop spending your taxes supporting one Royal family. All that money spent on just one family and all for the sake of keeping an Icon. A really expensive Icon. That Royal family spends millions in just one year. Why do you Brits insist on supporting the Royal family with such a lavish life? WHY? It's a modern world today and in a modern world, people work for their fortunes. That should include the "Royal" welfare recipients.

  • Elizabethfudger

    Excuse me...............................who do you think most tourist travel to London in the hope of seeing?
    Kindly, get your facts straight.....Royal Family brings in Tourist.....hence Tourist bring $$$$$$.
    And correct me if I am wrong but is it not true that each new President get a hefty payment to decorate their living quarters at the White House to their liking!!!!
    When you see members of the Royal Family travel you see them board a British Airways plane not a plane to themselves. Perhaps' you should look into a few things and just for the record the Royal Family is also known as the ' Firm' trust me they work plenty . Thank goodness America can change Presidents every four years.............

  • Richard

    FYI, it has been said the Brits pay 1 pound per year to keep the monarchy going, the same I might imagine goes for those living in the British Colonies..



  • Katie

    What that David dude said was not true
    cause blck people can be beutiful and nice to
    If you tik tha you are better you are really not God
    mde everyone equal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  • Sharonlynn

    Let me also put it to you this way. The U.S. has a President and although he does spend a lot, at least he doesn't stick around for generations to come. You have a Prime Minister who also spends just like the U.S. President. On top of your Prime Minister, you have a "Royal" family who spends more money than the U.S. President and your Prime Minister put together. Stop paying for a family that is riding through life by the sweat and tears of your hard labours. It's a modern world and it's time you eat the fruit you've worked for instead of working to get the fruit, wash it, and hand it over to the 'Royal' moochers. Than top it off, the Royal family has the nerve to snub you regardless of the fact that they are eating the fruit you worked hard to give to them. The family is too big, and too expensive to carry on your backs. Get them out and let them work like you do everyday.


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