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duke duchess william kate
Dominic Lipinski, pool / AP

Queen Elizabeth II gave Prince William the title of Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton the title of Duchess of Cambridge before the bride and groom's ceremony on Friday.

In addition to the dukedom, William also became the Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus, which means Kate will become the Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus.

That makes three titles each for the royal couple.

According to The Telegraph, dukedom is the highest rank in the British peerage.

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  • SassyGirl

    Loved your commentsand so very true! LMAO!

  • Larry

    And if you don't like what other people write because their opinions differ from yours, because you have to vicariously live through two nimbobs, you can f*ck off.

  • RobG

    What a nasty old man you are. It's royal protocal for a wedding to be like this; a tradition that has lasted hundreds of years. Keep your nasty comments to yourself and if your life is so pathetic that you have to lash out at something innocent and sacred then you're the one with the problem.

  • cassie

    For goodness sake, they are happy! Let them alone! Oh & by the way Hman what the hell are you doing sleepcommenting? It seems you're awake & reading the same stuff as we are-IDIOT!

  • ebneila

    With recent drastic cut backs in public aids and services in England, they choose to spend 20 million pounds on security for a wedding of some inbred fop and his chick! -- Please! Even though the Crown is footing the actual wedding bill, they have recalled many British troops from duty in Afghanistan to don a uniformed line along the parade route which the tax payers will finance. All this so a bunch of old maidens around the world can fantisize childhood dreams of royalty. Perhaps those powers that inpired the Mayans to predict some drastic change in human affairs in 2012 will be correct. If ever a change was needed, it is now

  • daveumpire

    Duh, the crown is footing the bill for this "royal" wedding? Where did the "crown" get their money, none of those "blue blooded" idiots work for a living nor did they ever. They got their money from those stupid "commoners" who work. What a bunch of morons in England. No wonder we beat their butts TWICE.

  • Frankie

    What a cold human being you are! You must be frigid and nasty in person.

  • undrgrndgirl

    and how much in tourist dollars did the uk take IN because of this wedding? i bet it's far more than the cost of the wedding...

  • Amy

    I can't believe the horrible comments I"m reading on these posts. The English don't deserve this. The amount of pounds they bring in as the result of this wedding will be much more than the cost of the security ...and for such a high profile wedding, the security is needed because of all the visiting kings, queens, and other world leaders. And daveumpire...your comment is so dumb. I'm an American, but I have a lot of friends in England and they are wonderful people. Someone really needs to beat YOUR butt.

  • Betty

    Did you by any chance hear the cheering of the people. The people of England are the only ones who should grumble about this, it is their country and their time and their money. They were enormously happy about the whole event, except for extremest, who wouldn't know a happy thought if it smacked them in the face and ran through their blood stream right through their sicko, boring, demented hearts. I thought it was a grand thing for that country to be uplifted if only for a time. God Bless them .

  • Toni Becker

    Seems that a little refinement would do many of you a world of good. It's just too bad that you find the trash that they call TV programming now is more accepted than something that will be historically significant. The way things are going now there may not be a reason to know history.
    Just sayin.........

  • starlight

    I did not like her dress, it seems so simply and there were nothing elegant or fascinating about the dress. Prince William looks handsome and stunning.

  • julie

    Am happy for them, what a dream come true for kate?

  • Robert

    Anyone and I do mean anyone that watches this on TV is a loser. This is so much BS over nothing. An unemployed pretty boy gets married. Big f___ing deal. The world does not care. I think these people need to get a real life. 1 thing this kid does not seem to remember is the fact that his father murdered his mother.

  • Barbara George

    Am so Happy for William and Kate. Have long awaited this day. I wish them every Happiness. I know Princess Diana is smiling down at them on their Special Day.

  • Brad

    All this fuss over an extremely well paid welfare couple. Where is the anger that is always displayed for poor welfare people? This has cost taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars. All for pomp and a circus show. That money could have been put to far better use.

  • Vanessa

    The millions of dollars the people of England are going to make off of revenue from flags, hats, cups & saucers, plates, feeding the masses, housing the masses, driving the masses around.. this is a great thing for England! This is bringing them major business from people all over the world. Don't be such a closed minded person.. look at the big picture... Any business in England that was doing poorly before this royal affair, can start counting their money. Complain , complain, complain... try being positive ...

  • Terri

    Personally, I find it rather refreshing watching people be HAPPY for a few hours. Sure, it's fairy-tale romance and I'm not much of an Anglophile, but at least it's upbeat and cheerful! The newscasts these days are dreadfully depressing and TV programming, for the most part, is garbage.

    Don't worry, guys. The worldwide tragedies are still taking place. The networks will return to their regularly-scheduled doom and gloom in a few hours.



    2. USELESS


  • Byron Bauerman didn't work! You (and most of the rest of the haters on this page) are rude, crude and full of envy & loathing -- about as UN-Civil as you could get! What a stark contrast to all of those proud, gracious Brits that gathered by multiple thousands to honor their heir to the throne & his beautiful young bride, during their flawlessly happy wedding day!!!! This day will go down in history, & will be such a "shot in the economic arm" for the country that it will eventually be worth much more to them than it "cost" the monarchy! The tourist trade for this week alone will be worth much more than the wedding day "tab"....and the long term effect will be just as valuable too. But you won't understand all that, so just go back to your couch & beer & maybe you can find an old rerun of "The Dukes Of Hazzard" on TV to watch (that's the only "Duke" you'll ever "get")!!! Leave the new "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge" to the rest of us!

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