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Prince William's younger brother Harry has had a very public on-again, off-again relationship with Chelsy Davy.

But it is safe to assume that the couple is back on, considering the blond babe was on hand for the royal wedding. The 25-year-old arrived at the ceremony in an off-the-shoulder jacket and matching aqua shift dress -- one of two Alberta Ferretti outfits the Italian design house had made for her for the day. Matched with a gray lace Victoria Grant hat and nude patent-leather pumps, Davy's look was smashing!

Continue reading to learn about Davy's evening look below:

chelsy davy royal wedding dress

Danny Martindale, FilmMagic

For the reception, Davy will slip into a full-length midnight blue one-shoulder crepe satin gown, also by Ferretti.

"Having the fitting in Chelsy's flat in Chelsea was real fun and exciting. She's such a modern girl, full of life and very charming," the designer told People magazine. Adding, "I'm sure she will wear at her best the special outfits that I have created exclusively for her and this momentous occasion."

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  • hinchcliffe

    The dress is awful, her hair a mess, doesn't she own a mirror?

  • Barblyn

    I just thought of something...I have a round pv cap on my my sewer line. If I stenciled it and glued on a net it would look like her hat. Cost: $3.00. Wonder who ripped her off on whatever that thing is.

  • Anne

    Oh Please....they might as well have gone to the court house to get married. They're already living together (shacking up). I guess "if you're white, it's allright." Whites are always saying that we Blacks have no morals. Had that been Obama and Michelle's daughter getting married while living in sin with a guy, they would have been crucified!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been a discrace.

  • Nancy

    Come on, let's be a little generous here. She is really a beautiful young woman. The color is a good one for her. But I suspect it's silk, which wrinkles like crazy. We don't know where she's been before this photo was taken, if she was sitting for a long period of time, which would account for the wrinkled look. Whatever, the look of her clothing is the designer's fault , not hers. And the lump on the side is probably a badly sewn seam. She does have dark circles under her eyes, but if you were at that wedding and the date of the groom's brother, wouldn't you have been out partying hardy the night before. She also probably didn't have a chance to check her makeup. Stop being so critical. How would you like it if the world's eyes were on you picking you apart?

  • Ummm, yeah...right...

    If I were at that wedding, I can assure you I wouldn't look like that. Don't get confused, they have every opportunity to look beautiful. Additionally, the BBC didn't even show her on their taping - that speaks volumes with regard to how she is viewed by the serious royal viewers.

  • cher

    I know a hangovoer when I see one....someone loan the poor girl an iron, & get her a cup of coffee.

  • cher

    I have never heard one disparaging word about Obama's children...not one, not ever.

  • Tara

    I actually gasped when I scrolled down to see what she wore! The aqua doesn't match. Her hair is frightfull..and yes she looks like she had been partying the night before. Shows you Harry's taste in women I guess....disgusting actually.

  • Karen

    She does look awful, from her head down to her feet! Except for her bracelet, that's kind of cute. Why do people think just because it is a designer dress it looks good. This certainly DOESN'T! Maybe she can get her money back, especially after reading these comments.

  • Cheryl

    I think they all looked good. We here in the US make such a big deal about hair and makeup. What is wrong with going to a wedding without false eyelashes and a ton of makeup? Why isn't it alright to look like a normal human being? Pippa and Kate were stunning andvery naturally beautiful.
    My girls did their own make up and hair and there is a picture of one of them hanging up in Las Vegas because she looked so classy and pretty that the photographer decided to use her picture to show their photography skills.

  • Amy U

    Poor thing-she has so much potential and an absolutely beautiful face and figure..She really could have shone at the event,but for some insane reason probably thinks she looked good in that awful outfit.She will more than likely look at the wedding pics and regret her fashion screw-up..

  • kat25923

    You people saying all this & that about how 'awful' she looks are absolutely off point, Chelsy Davy is COMPLETELY gorgeous and is an athletic and very real woman and not one to be putting on airs of snobbery, which is precisely why Prince Harry (and I'm 100% certain alot of other men as well..) is so taken with her. Her outfit is spectacular: so what if sitting in a limo produced a wrinkle in the skirt. Every lady in attendance looked remarkable and Chelsy Davy was no exception.

  • Brace

    Where were the Obamas sitting during the ceremony. Oooops, sorry, I forgot they were not worthy of an invitation.

  • Clara

    Why would they get an invitation? This wasn't a state event. The french president wasn't invited, either.

  • D'arcy

    Only leaders from British Commonwealth countries were invited along with Monarch's and Princes. NO snub as you seem to imply . Sarkozy of France , Medvedev of Russia, or any non - Commonwealth leader was invited- Get your facts straight.

  • Diane

    I.) She has bags under her eyes---how late did she stay up last night? 2.) Instead of smiling, she looks like she's constipated. 3.) Top of the dress looks darker than bottom of dress. 4.) Her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed. 5.) Makeup looks like it is leftover from last night. 6.) No lipstick? 7.) No earrings? No necklace? 8.) Her nails are not manicured. 9.) Even though this outfit was allegedly custom-made for her, it fit terribly. All in all, between wearing a horrible outfit and looking like she stayed up all night and didn't wash her face, she was a mess.

  • BekBek

    Awful two-toned, wrinkled dress....what were they thinking? First sight of that and I would of said, no way. The best thing going was her gorgeous, sexy, nude stilettos!! Those I love! Thank goodness she is beautiful - most people probably aren't looking at her dress.

  • NAN


  • renee

    i agree it looks like 2 shades. the top definately a shade or 2 deeper than the skirt. the whole outfit needed an iron or pressing. and you all are right. i dont know if they call that the bedhair look or not but she needed to stop at the hair dresser or use some gel to lay that shit down before stepping into public.

  • Debbie

    It isn't so much the dress. If you really look at the picture, the poor girl looks like she partied all night and threw it on. The dress is actually quite lovely, and would look much better on someone who didn't have a cruise full of bags under her eyes, and a hairbrush. I don't know who she is, as I don't keep up much with England's "elite". But she looks tires, stressed, hungover, and pretty much miserable. I would like to hope that she is ill, and that is the reason. Sometimes it is better to look for a reason, instead of just criticizing a look. But to agree with several comments before mine, she looks awful. And looks about 10 years too old for Harry, who I think is a truly terrific kid.


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