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kate middleton bridal bouquet
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All the single ladies are out of luck -- Kate Middleton won't be tossing her bridal bouquet into a crowd of hopeful women after her wedding to Prince William on Friday. Instead the royal bride will leave her flowers on the grave of the Unknown Warrior, an unnamed World War I soldier who is buried in Westminster Abbey, The Telegraph reports.

Prince William's fiancée will be following a tradition started by the Queen Mother. After her wedding in 1923, she placed her floral arrangement at the grave in memory of her brother who was killed in 1915.

On the walk down the aisle, Kate and her father will need to bypass the marble slab; it is the only memorial stone in the church that congregations are not allowed to step on.

Her bouquet will then be returned to the Abbey for placement on the tomb, once the official wedding photos have been taken.

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  • Margery

    Get over it. Lucky for those that have it. Wish I did. I'm looking forward to seeing those that know how to put on a beautiful wedding. Also to see people who dress properly for such an occasion. Also know what fork to use instead of their fingers. Oh, for the good old days when people acted civialized and had good manners

  • sunny

    I must agree with Margery.
    I have little interest in the royals but it IS nice to see civilized people taking part in time honored traditions.
    I wish them all the best.

  • Patrick Palmer

    The Royals? spells SLAYOR backwards are overblown and outdated. The bouquet? Get over it Queen, you did your thing for your brother, now let the living live. Toss the bouquet Kate !

  • Nikki

    Actually, the tourism brought to England will help their economy. And I think in "hard times," it's so refreshing to see a young couple celebrate their happiness.

  • J. A. Buxton

    Yell all you want if it makes you feel better.

    For some of us, it's a relief to have some happy news in the midst of all the political pettiness and deadly weather. I think we needed this moment of joy. At least, I did.

  • common sense

    Hey jackass to you & the hates man up we as americans spend more on chairman oba mao & his wife a day certainly in a week then the brits do on the royal family in a year. Same goes for congress that includes both parties. Chairman Oba mao had like 12 parties & his swearing in cost way more then this did. Its finally nice to see what a real man is & what a real woman are & what a real relationship is like. How many golfing games & vactions have the oba mao's taking? The royal family gets none. We spend over 100 million dollars a year on congress just in salaries not including travel, parties, fundraisers, office remodels, pensions, and benefits so again the American government & especially the chairman oba mao are hardly examples of resourceful spending let alone value for the money. You're not rich so what accept it dont be jealous grow a pair & accept it.

  • CmdrKat

    Then why did you watch it???? Maybe they ARE spoiled and wealthy, but their love and union in marraige didn't happen to make them wealthier. Even though Kate's gown probably cost more than a lot of us make in a year, I thought it was quite simple and gorgeous. She will stand that family on its ear with her firm hand-just as Diana would have, if given the chance. Charles' cheating forced them to lock her away in deep depression and he should be in prison for her death right along with the stinking paparazzi who caused the crash with the drunken Henri Paul. Had ol' Charles not been out riding his Cowmilla on a near daily basis, Diana may still be with us. Those boys suffer daily missing her. Rich or poor, losing a mother at a young age in such a dramatically devasdating way is a living nightmare. Trust me...been there, done that....

  • Tammy B

    You're just jealous...but who isn't? How lucky can one "common" girl get? It is absolutely AWESOME and I hope they will live happily ever after!

  • Debbie

    I agree with Margery as well. To the British, this is like our American parties when we elect a President. The bigger difference is that this is the marriage of the future King who will rule the Country, until his death. They seem to be doing a better job at taking care of their people than we do here in Americal

    Get over it and my suggestion is this....DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!!!

  • italy

    I am soooo tired of hearing about the press chasing the "Royals" Unlike the US - they have a Queen that could simply say "STOP" and enforce it - however, the Royals choose to let the press hound them - give me a break people - so they are saying "Oh poor us - the press just won't go away" bulllllll - They all need to get a life and stop making their servants ( the common people as they are referred to ) that work hard to support the Royals high living life style - And we the people still want to hear about it.!! Hay people how about electing a real President that can actually led this Country instead of seeing families that have lost everything still sleeping in tent cities - but no you good-old-folks want to spend your time watching a high priced wedding put on by a Queen that has little if any respect for her followers!!.

  • Mary

    There is only one man that will be able to put a stop to it all....the King of King's.

  • Blonde Ambition

    Big deal - a lot of brides don't toss the bouquet & garter anymore. It's about time so many more of us got over the superstition.

  • vPlayDohv

    For all those that have given yourselves a weggie, over the "Royals"..You might need to take a deep breath, then recite the Serinity Prayer a few times.

  • Renee

    Sorry to break it to you, Debbie, but the king and queen don't actually "rule" in Britain. They are basically figureheads--albeit well-funded ones--and their duties have more to do with public relations than running a country...that's what parliament and the prime minister are for. :-)

  • Michaelo S. Terrell

    Let's define Royals or Royalty....back in the beginning warrior tribes fought to a devastating end . The Victors took over the land from the other tribe and set up a Kingdom wether it be good or bad..either way the descendents of those vivious and possibly cruel warrior tribes are now called ROYALS?...What 's so ROYAL about them? such thing as Royalty...mere decsendents of a Tribe of Warriors that could very well have been murderers.....and if you didn't follow THEIR rules you were executed....look at England's bloody history even "Royals" met their deaths by these Descendents....Kings,Queens,Princes,Dukes Dutchess's etc .

  • Joe Bill Loudermilk

    Seem like a couple of nice kids to me, but what do I know. He seems to take after his Mum in human values and she seems to be pretty level headed and I think they're a good match for each other. He's lucky to have her and I think they support each other. He seems responsible, as uassumeing as you can be in his situation and he serves his country in a bad time. I think they're both doing extremely well when you consider the people they have to deal with, all of them. I think he's learned much from the circus his Mother was involved with and has a pretty good PR head on his shoulders, therefore, he may just be the best future king the Brits have had for a long time. I don't think he'll be a silent figurehead. I wish them well and think people should give them a chance before they judge....but then, what do I know?

  • Courtney

    Very well said. I agree with you completely.

  • common sense

    Always suprises me how moronic & dumb people are these days not to mention immature hateful and self centered. Why is it people take the time to read or watch something they hate or have no interest in let alone then take time to bash it and anyone who thinks differently then they. Especially against the rich when we all know if we were rich would be singing a different tone saying things like "we already pay high taxes" yada yada yada. Seriously people grow up if you dont like what's on don't listen. Finally its nice to see actually examples of not only adults but what a man & woman should be & how a relationship & love really look like especially when the world is falling apart every where.

  • maryann kelly

    margery you said it all.

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