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On Right: Sarah Burton. On left: Sarah Burton designed dress fro the Spring/Summer 2011 Alexander McQueen collection/Getty Images

Could it be that Sarah Burton, the new creative director at Alexander McQueen is designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress?

The British fashion house is denying rumors that they received the coveted job but UK newspapers, including The Times and The Telegraph, are reporting that the royal wedding dress will be a mix of Kate Middleton's ideas and Sarah Burton's quirky, high-fashion design.

The wedding dress is being made at Buckingham Palace with instructions that anyone working on the dress is sworn to secrecy, including the designer.

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in November, several rumors have surfaced regarding who would be designing what will be the most famous wedding dress of the century, including Bruce Oldfield, Daniella Helaye of ISSA and an unknown designer who would become a fashion industry star by being chosen.

Mark Niemierko
, a luxury wedding planner based in London, told Aisledash, "The report in today's Sunday Times is a total shock to all of us in the British bridal industry. We really thought Kate Middleton would choose a lesser known British bridal designer, keeping with tradition and not being too fashion-forward. It also shows Kate is perhaps far more fashion-forward than anyone thought. High fashion at that.

"Whilst McQueen is a well-known fashion label in the world, the creative, lead Sarah Burton, is somewhat more subdued in her designs compared with the label's namesake. Her collections have had a gentler style."

Tim Graham, Getty Images

If Sarah Burton is designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress it won't be the first time an Alexander McQueen gown is worn by a high-society British bride. In 2005, Camilla Parker Bowles' daughter-in-law, Sarah Buys (on left), had Alexander McQueen design her gown for her wedding to Tom Parker Bowles.

Sarah Burton became creative director of the fashion label in 2010 following the suicide of Alexander McQueen. She presented her first womenswear collection without him at Paris Fashion Week after his death in October 2010. The collection received rave reviews for combing femininity with McQueen's unique style.

Mrs. Burton's designs have been worn by Michelle Obama, Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow.

When asked if Sarah Burton was commissioned to design Kate Middleton's wedding dress, a spokesperson for Alexander McQueen replied, "Sarah is busy working on her new collection for the Tuesday show and she was as surprised as the rest of us to hear about this. She is not designing the dress."

Chief executive of Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Akeroyd, reportedly let slip to a colleague that Sarah Burton was designing the royal wedding dress. But quickly denied the assignment. "Not at all," he said. "I am the CEO. I would know if we were doing it."

A spokesperson for Clarence House said, "We always knew that there would be a lot of speculation about the appointment of the designer. Because Catherine Middleton is keen to keep this private, we are not responding to this in any way at all.

"This is about the tenth one we've been asked about in the last three months and it's getting a bit ridiculous."

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    A lot of fuss about nothing. You will see it the day of the wedding as is the case with most bride dresses.

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