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After spending Thanksgiving in Mexico with BFF Jennifer Aniston, tart-tongued funnywoman Chelsea Handler didn't hide her feelings towards Angelina Jolie at her show in Newark, New Jersey Friday night, calling Angie a home-wrecking "b***h" who doesn't have any female friends because she's a [c-word].

"Chelsea hates Angelina and doesn't for one second buy that she is this good person rescuing children in need around the World," a friend of the comedienne tells me. "Everyone in Hollywood is scared to say what they really think about Angelina except Chelsea."

My insider says Chelsea doesn't give a hoot what the repercussions are for taking on Hollywood royalty. "She thinks Angie stole another woman's husband and should be called out on it."

At Chelsea's show in her native Jersey, she got off course while yelling at a disruptive audience member. Before you know it, she was laying into Jolie and mocking her history of adopting children from developing countries.

"She's a homewrecker, she is," Chelsea started on Angie. "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don't f-----g believe you. She gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a" and then it continues with words we won't hint at here.

Chelsea Handler Angelina Jolie Rant
Chelsea has become very close with Brad's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and even accepted her generous invite to spend the holidays with her and a few friends in Mexico, a trip that was paid for and arranged by Jen.

To be fair, Chelsea has been making similarly biting observations on Angie for months, but now that she's a confirmed good friend of the former Mrs. Pitt, her jibs and jabs have taken on new potency.

In the latest issue of Glamour, Chelsea praises her bud as one of the only women who can make her laugh.

"She sends me really funny e-mails," she says of Jen in the January issue. "She's hilarious and irreverent. And she makes me really laugh."

Chelsea is also encouraging Jen to get out more. Meet new guys and finally move on after Brad.

"Chelsea is the best thing to happen to Jen," an insider tells me. "Chelsea isn't afraid to tell Jen the truth even if it is painful. In the past Jen has made it clear that she doesn't want her friends talking about what went down between her, Brad and Angie. But Chelsea doesn't care. She thinks Angelina has used her kids to manipulate her image and gotten away with destroying a beautiful marriage. She's going to shout it from the rooftops whether Jen likes it or not."

Note: Chelsea's new surprise BFF is CBS' Kate Couric, whom she raves about in the Glamour article. They were seen together last week at the Carlye checking out legendary singer Steve Tyrell. So be warned: If you are thinking if saying anything mean about Katie, Chelsea will come and get you!

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  • Kay

    Where was Brad during this break-up. Angie was not married to Jennifer-- Brad was. Is he brain-dead, helpless, or otherwise unable to say no to temptation? Sorry, a man walks away from his wife: HE's the home wrecker.

  • Jackie

    I agree Kay. Even though Jolie did have sex with a married man and should have known better (and yes that does qualify her as a home-wrecker), no one is blaming Brad.
    Since Brad is the one who had the affair while married, he is the one who screwed up. Not Jen, no matter how much she pines for him still.
    Would you be happy if your spouse had an affair, or would you still be upset years later for the pain they caused you?
    Good looking, famous or not, A or B lister, doesn't matter. Cheating is cheating and Brad deserves the blame for that!

  • georgie

    I agree. Brad was as at fault too. However, Angelina knew he was a married man and she slept with him anyway. You can't help love, but there is a right way of doing something and a wrong way. As we know they chose the lower way and will forever be crap in my eyes, I don't care how many children they have. However, this is old news and doesn't make any difference to me now; I just don't go see either of their movies, my choice.

  • guinevere

    not if the wife(in this case Jen) wasn't paying attention to hubby, when he kept saying he wanted and was ready for kids..she kept saying maybe in time, but at that moment her career was what she wanted to focus on

  • Annamarie

    This just looks like Jennifer sent Chelsea out to make vile remarks about her ex-husband's new family. Like some paid lap dog now that they share the same publicist. Not smart and not cool. It will backfire on Jennifer and make the industry just continue to believe she is living in a bitter past and is seeking revenge. That is not the image Jen needs to project.

    The names of her ex-husband, his current partner and their children should never leave Jennifer's lips NOR the lips of her friends or employees.

    Chelsea is really trashy. No one takes anything she says seriously. Jen, Jen, WHAT are you doing with this disgusting woman?

  • nicole

    Well that's a breath of fresh air to hear someone call Angie out for her mess but I will always say this: It was Brad who married Jen not Angie, had it not been Angie who tempted him it would have been someone else. Women have this way of always attacking other women in situations like this because it's just easier but Brad made his vows and he broke them so more should be said about that. I'm not excusing Angie because she knew he was married and shouldn't have approached Brad period. She should just hope he doesn't do the same to her as he did to Jen.

  • StarrJonez

    Maybe "Jen" can teach Chelsea how to apply makeup? She looks like a dude and no one in Hollywood gives a sh!t what she thinks.

  • sidibarre


  • Sonya

    I think it's so lame that after all this time they STILL talk about Jennifer is some wounded creature..get over it already. Brad obviously wasn't happy and now he is. It's easy to point fingers at Angelina..we always do's always the other womans fault. Well none of us had first hand knowledge of what went on with Brand and Jen. Brad and Angelina are happy with their situation and it's only because of Jennifer still not being able to keep a man that we continue to talk about it. Im pretty sure Brand Angie sleep just fine at night

  • Lourdes

    I wish someone would point out that Chelsea Handler, until she began being represented by Jen's longtime PR flack Stephen Huvane about a year ago, didn't have anything bad to say about Angelina, so why has it taken her all this time to pipe up? Handler used to diss Aniston on her show pretty regularly, and now she doesn't - but after 6 years, now attacks Angelina? Not Brad, just Angelina. Oh, and she suddenly has the rest of Huvane's A-listers sitting down on her cable show (Anne Hathaway, Gwyn Paltrow, etc.), Aniston's made a visit 2-3 times. Nice attack dog, Stephen Huvane bought his best pal and long time client Aniston. I guess they're getting their moneys worth. Finally, Aniston, thru a surrogate is able to get back at Brad, by attacking the mother of his children. I always knew Aniston was a worthless cowardly twaht. She can take her new hag bestie, and they can go booze it up, make sx tapes together and drive men away usual.

  • Jelly

    I am so GLAD she is calling her out...FINALLY someone is speaking up and telling it like it is. I totally feel the same way as Chelsea...I don't buy Angelina's image either. I think she IS manipulating the media with the kids, and I also believe she hooked up with Brad while he was still a married man..I could never respect or trust a woman like that.. And I'm so glad Chelsea is sticking up for her friend...YOU GO GIRL!!

  • Ligaya

    Let Chelsea or whomever 'call' Angelina out and call her names. Chelsea, like everyone else, uses Angelina's name to get media attention. Robin Shuter uses Angelina Jolie to get higher internet traffic.

    Is it a real friendship when it's bought with vodka-fueled all expenses paid trips to luxury resorts? Might as well say that Jennifer Aniston is paying Chelsea to be her mouthpiece.

  • ShutUPjealousWITCH

    You and Chelsea 'se x tape' Handjob would have a theory, if not for the FACTS: 1) Jolie had adopted her kids, years BEFORE she even met Brad Pitt. 2) She had started her humanitarian work w/ the UN years BEFORE she met Brad Pitt (in fact, that was one of the things that impressed him about her - her UN work), she had also applied to adopt her daughter Zahara, BEFORE she met Brad Pitt.

    So saying she's using her humanitarian work and children in a bid to manipulate the media away from her purported 'homewrecking' is just plain WRONG.

    To be pulling this crap 6 years after the fact, when Aniston has had dozens of OTHER men dump her, is pathetic, and speaks to an orchestrated grudge match.

    I absolutely believe Rob Shuter is in cahoots with Aniston and her PR flack, who NOT coincidentally is also now Chelsea Handler's PR flack. They are out to do her dirty. First with that Thanksgiving LIE that Shuter poster, and now with this...only Handler is going after her on behalf of her cowardly best pal.

    Notice how no one says one word about Brad Pitt? He's at the same PR agency (CAA) that they are, that's why. Angelina Jolie, is the only big name in Hollywood who doesn't give some smarmy PR flack 15% of their cut. They are all threatened. Including people like Shuter, who used to be one. So he does Huvane a favor, but trashing Aniston's tabloid 'enemy,' and he does the industry a favor by trashing an agentless star - it's a warning shot to other celebs not to follow her lead.
    But I ask you - at the end of the day...whose sitting atop the Hollywood food chain. Jolie's smart to keep her money, and give it away to who she wants to.
    Aniston, as always, is coattailing leech and pathetic.

  • billiegirl

    When are people going to get over the whole Jen/Brad/Ang thing???? Accept it and please MOVE ON!! WhoTF cares what happened over 5 years ago??? Homewrecker? Hey, remember it takes two to tango. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was love. Whatever it is or was, it works and the other thing just didn't. Would they still be talking about it if JA found love again and happily married? GET OVER IT.

  • dee

    Agreed 100%! JA and fans are even more pathetic than Sarah Palin fans.

  • Dee

    I feel this artical was a good one I will not see any movie that has either one of them (Brad and Angie)in it and have several friends who feel the same. Never liked Jolie in the first place and always thought she was a wierd scank who has had a track record for hooking up with married men. As for Brad he was just Stupid and I would bet if he had to do it over things would have turned out very different but do to all the buzz that surounds them he feels stuck not to mention the poor kids .....would you leave your kids with her? I would rather trust my black lab dog. Go Chelsea!!!

  • ShutUPjealousWITCH

    I'd say I'm never going to see a movie with Jen Aniston in it either, but I would have never seen any one of her crap movies anyway - and apparently America and the world agrees with ME. Aniston has no idea the level of hatred both in and out of the industry she is unleashing with these dirty shameful tricks. I wonder about her mental health. Handjob is an alcoholic boozing wh*re we all know that, and Maniston by acting out in this way, consistently over the last 5 years, only proves why Brad Pitt escaped his life from the hag, like a runaway slave. GO BRAD!!!!

  • rocketgirl

    Since none of us know Jen or Angie personally, we haven't got a clue what they are like off screen. Maybe Jen would have been a terrible mother, if she was willing to have children. it's obvious the public has spoken. More people go to Angelina Jolie movies than to Jennifer Anniston. I never liked her, I never liked Friends. It was a rip-off of living single. I don't care what either of them do in their private lives. When i pay to see a movie, I pay for their ability to act and provide entertainment. Whatever happens between them and their husbands, significant others is none of my business. Anybody will tell the media a story to get paid. I don't think Brad is afraid to leave, i think he wants to be there. he was unhappy with jen and he left. men today could care less about leaving the kids...They can get visitation rights. people need to let it go. Neither one of them cares a hoot about what you think...only at the box office.

  • Kelly

    Agreed!! You can't wreck a happy home...the home has to be already wrecked. Jennifer should kiss Angelina feet because she got rid of the husband she didn't want and she got America's sympathy vote. Without that, no one would be interested in her. The "poor me" routine has worked out pretty well for her. It keeps her in the magazines and movies, because we all know it's not her talent, as proven by the bombs she been in. She needs to go back to TV because she doesn't have enough talent to make it on the big screen.

  • Jen

    Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking bimbo who thinks that by trying to be the modern day Mia Farrow, she will be loved and respected by everyone. Brad Pitt is a turd for cheating on Jennifer Aniston with someone who kissed her brother inappropriately and carried Billy Bob Thornton's blood in a vial around her neck. Chelsea Handler is hilarious and outspoken and is awesome for it.