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Tim Graham, Getty Images | Ben Stansall, AFP / Getty Images

Prince William proposes with the late Princess Diana's engagement ring.

Kirsty Wigglesworth, AP

Keeping the royal jewels all in the family, William proposed to longtime girlfriend Miss Catherine "Kate" Middleton with the same platinum and 18-carat blue-sapphire diamond engagement ring that his father, Prince Charles, gave to his mother in February 1981. Since this ring was originally set in platinum it looks as beautiful today as it did years ago, and as it will for generations.

Diana chose the ring, which cost 28,000 GBP at the time, from a selection presented to her by Garrard Jewelers.

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Below are several similar style platinum rings with varying price points.

Courtesy Platinum Guild International

Clockwise from top left: Fusaro Jewelry Platinum Cocktail Ring ($15,000), Kirk Kara Platinum Engagement Ring ( $10,000), Gem Platinum Platinum Cocktail Ring ($31,650) and Jacob & Co. Platinum Cocktail Ring ($308,000).

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  • maxiesmom067

    Funny, one aisle dash article claims the ring originally cost $28,000 and another aisle dash article says it cost $65,000. Which is it aisle dash?

  • Andi

    It should have said 28,000 pounds, not dollars.

  • E.

    I can only hope she's worthy of sporting Diana's blue ring.

  • Lynne

    Call me odd but I would not want that ring after what happened to that marriage and then Diana. New jewel with no sad history please.

  • gwybear

    Well Lynne, how odd that you think that. Think of all the other jewels that Kate will wear over her lifetime that are part of the crown jewel collection. Certainly more extreme history than just the one ring that has only been worn by the "People's Princess"!

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